When the opportunity came for me to write Double Entry, I had already been writing erotic romance for a while. But a threesome was new for me. I had a hundred questions. How do you find the third person? Should it be three of the same sex or male/female? Would it be a one-time thing or ongoing? What happens if you are disappointed in the third? And is it possible to make something like this a permanent relationship? What would be the emotional ramifications?

Double Entry

Double Entry

So many questions. So many answers. But where on earth to get the information?

The first thing I did was buy and download some books with threesomes by some of my favorite authors. What an eye opener it was for me. Good lord! I learned that sometimes it is just a one-time thing because a partner is curious and wants to try it. Sometimes the opportunity just happens to come up (Really? How come that never happened to me?) And sometimes, what started out as exciting sexual experimentation, turns into a lasting relationship. Yes, believe it or not, it does.

I was lucky, as I went around with sunglasses on and a hat pulled low over my face asking questions, to actually discover some people who were in such a relationship. For a couple of them, it started as a couple and was the natural evolution of a friendship. In one, it involved two women and in one two men. The interest in this was, for me, it was an infrequent thing, when they need an extra dash of spice in their life. And the third member of their ménage is still a close friend. For the other, it had turned into an unexpectedly intense relationship that still continued to grow.

They introduced me to others who, because I was vouched for, were willing to share intimate details with me. (No, not that intimate!!) And while they all agreed it enhanced the sexuality of the situation, they agreed on one other thing: it is important that all partners have a healthy respect for each other. That echoes a presentation I heard when I attended a demonstration at The Lair, a BDSM club in San Antonio. (Yes, I do lead an exciting life!) The Master who did the presentation stressed over and over again not to indulge in anything in areas where you might not be safe, and to be sure the person or people you are with are trustworthy. Just like in vanilla sex, No means No.

So when I wrote Double Entry, keeping all of that in mind, I created the story where a threesome is the heroine’s secret wish. Her friend gifts it to her for her birthday with the twins who live next door to her, who she has been secretly lusting after.

So, was it as good for her as she hoped? Dreamed? Imagined? Did the twins fulfill her fantasies? Where did they go after one hot night?

If you want to know the answers, pick up a copy of Double Entry today.


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