1: I wrote Dog Days  to help me process my grief. I have lost four very dear people in sudden horrific ways in my life. George was born out of my anger and pain, his journey ended up being my own staggering path through loss.

Dog Days

Dog Days

2: I have rheumatoid arthritis. I spend a lot of time in bed and have a legitimate reason for not being able to wear a bra (can’t do it up, too tricky). I live on a crazy cocktail of immune suppressant drugs and steroids and can sleep anywhere. You wouldn’t know it to look at me, but I often end up crawling up the stairs at night. I like to pretend there is nothing wrong with me.

3: I failed my driving test ten times. I even failed my cycling proficiency test twice. I wrote two not so good books before Dog Days. You can see this as inspirational or as someone who doesn’t know when to give up.

4: I didn’t know mayonnaise existed till I was 15 and went to a friend’s house, and don’t even get me started on pesto and hummus. I grew up on Findus crispy pancakes and bottles of coke in pub gardens. I never went on to higher education and lived on a pig farm with my brother who used to have to keep a gun on him to shoot the rats.

5: I have generalised anxiety disorder. I’ve had it all my like, but like hummus, it wasn’t known about in the 80’s. Panic attacks dictated almost twenty years of my life.  I am on medication now (finally) and trying to make up for lost time. I’ve never been drunk, never tried drugs none of. I already felt high on adrenaline. I spent my twenties hiding in toilets, running away and fearing queues.

6: I have amazing women in my blood. My great grandmother used to sit reading while the other women on her street scrubbed their doorsteps. My 94-year-old aunt still goes on her exercise bike. There are so many stories of motorbike driving, two-fingers-to-normality women in my history. I have three daughters who are brimming with the best of them all.

7:  I have three dogs, a guinea pig, a giant house rabbit, a canary, a tortoise and two fish tanks, basically I own a petting zoo. Animals make more sense to me than most people I meet.

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The dream might imply that you have good values and intentions that will help you to progress in life- such as generosity, loyalty and fidelity- all of which we associate with such an animal. Especially if you were kind towards the dogs in your dream. If you were buying or adopting a dog, it can mean that you yearn for more companionship in your life. Perhaps this is the one thing your partner lacks? Or you feel you need to feel this more from them? If you gave the dogs back after adopting them this could be your subconscious telling you to do what is appropriate for you rather than what you think others would approve of. It’s possible you have rejected a friendship that has come your way lately. If you felt guilty or bad at taking the dogs back, then perhaps you think you made the wrong choice by pushing this person away...to read more click HERE