1. By literary critics in the UK, the Commonwealth and the USA, I am called an Arizonan and an Arizona writer. Born in southern California, USA, I now enjoy living and writing in southern Arizona. 2015 has been a watershed year for me.

2. During 2015 my collection of western tales, Desert Sun, Red Blood, was published by Pro Se Publications. The stories are set in the Arizona Territory during the time of the Indian Wars of the Nineteenth Century. ' Nance the Bottle Blonde of Albuquerque,' the first-person narrative of a new female persona in western literature opens the story sequence, which aims to rebrand the American western along lines first explored by Zane Grey, who also was an Arizona writer. This landmark story for me was first published on line in Female First Magazine in 2014.

3. I wrote my first long work of fiction under the name E. W. Farnsworth about the adventures of a mining engineer and explosives expert when I was eight years old and living in San Diego, California. At the time I was also editor of my school newspaper-and I have been a writer and editor continuously ever since.

4. I write compulsively and continuously in numerous genres of fiction-westerns, romance-thrillers, pure romance, detective stories, horror stories and science fiction and fantasy stories-and in cross-genre and experimental forms. I also compose many kinds of poems, particularly haiku, sonnets and satirical limericks. I have won many first prizes in international fiction competitions. My writing has been praised for its spirited dialog and sophisticated prose. Many of my collections are accompanied by study guides for use in classrooms and reading societies.

5. My writing has three sources: my experiences, my study and teaching of world art, literature and film, and my imagination. My portraits of people and my plots are largely drawn from life. My main characters are super-intelligent, multi-talented women in lead roles and unorthodox men who dare to break the rules for the greater good. Both are featured in my Anderson spy novel Engaging Rachel, from Zimbell House Publishing LLC in 2015.

6. I have been a contractor for and consultant to American government agencies for many years. My 'Secret Adventures of Agents Salamander and Crow,' about two stellar CIA agents, is loosely based on actual events. These tales will be serially published by Pro Se Publications as Single Shots during 2016. The lead character, brilliant, volatile, red-haired Sheila McCaw (Crow) is unique in spy fiction.

7. 'Bitcoin Fandango,' my collection of stories about combating cryptocurrency crimes from GreenManArizona Press in 2015, is taken from my experiences supporting law enforcement internationally and from current headlines. Another series of stories about the hero, a male undercover policeman and the heroine, a female assistant District Attorney, will be published in 2016.

8. My experiences while living and working in the Greater Boston area inform my John Fulghum Mysteries. The first of these stories appeared in Zimbell House anthologies. A first collection of 13 stories appeared from Zimbell House in 2015. A second volume of 12 additional stories will appear in the spring of 2016.

9. The best known of my sci fi stories, "Mobile Dusters,' appeared in the Psychopomps Anthology, edited by Cindi Grigg, in 2015. My collected science fiction stories, DarkFire at the Edge of Time and Other Stories, will appear from Audio Arcadia in London in 2016. I am working on an epic poem, The Voyage of the Spaceship Arcturus, about the future of humankind when humans, avatars and artificial intelligences must work together to instantiate a second Eden after the Chaos Wars bring an end to life on Earth. My sci fi stories have been described as three generations ahead of their time.

10. My time spent in the United States Navy informs my collection, The Pirate Tales, which transposes real-life figures from comtemporary US SEAL Teams into pirates on a global rampage in the Great Age of Sail in the Nineteenth Century. This collection will be published in the spring of 2016 by Zimbell House.