1) I'd rather be reading. Few things, besides my family, interest me more than a good book. I read a book once about a lifelong reader who said he took books to his kids soccer games, to church, to parties. I'm not that bad (or good) but nothing makes me happier than an early bedtime and plenty of time to read. 

Promises at Indigo Bay

Promises at Indigo Bay

2) My kids think I'm Liz Lemon from 30 Rock. I used to work in the entertainment industry so the Liz Lemon analogy fits. Also, I have a tendency to stick my foot in my mouth and get myself into awkward situations. Once we were at a regional airport in Montana and I had so many random metal items in my pockets, I ended up getting the most thorough search ever by the very crabby TSA lady. Yes, I had a corkscrew that I'd forgotten about on my person. It was a freebie from our motel. I really wanted it.

3) Cooking is my therapy.  Nothing makes me happier than chopping, dicing, slicing and sauteing. Last night I came home from visiting my dad, who is in the final stages of lung cancer and just the thought of standing over the stove frying rosemary for my pasta dish made me deeply calm. 

4) I work with special needs kids. When my husband left his full time career, we both embarked on a contest to see who could get the best part time job with excellent health insurance. I won. After a morning of writing I work with grade school age kids for a half day. It's challenging and works beautifully with writing. I run all over the school teaching small groups writing. I love it. Never has a sense of humor come more in handy.

5) I dance in the kitchen. When my kids were little, we'd have impromptu dance parties in the kitchen. Even our dog would get into it. He'd wag his tail and have a grand old time. Now I sometimes crank Queen or 90's mixes and dance around the kitchen while I'm cooking. Cocktails are sometimes often involved. 

6) I'm happiest on the water. Thirty years ago in college, I rowed on the Smith College Crew team and decided last year to join the Sammamish Rowing Association. It's become my happy place. What I didn't know is that the club is deeply competitive, highly motivated and that I'd unearth that side of myself. I now own a rowing machine and muscles. 

7) I miss my dog.  This spring it will have been two years since my beloved Lucky Dog died. He came to us as a little rescue pup. When his foster dad lifted him from the crate in the back of his car, he warned us, "Once you see this little guy, he's going to be yours. He's that cute." He was right. We had him for 12 years and every single day was a joy. 

8) I met my husband after a year of non-dating. I was complaining to my aunt about the lack of nice men and she told me that I should not date for a year, work on being my best self. I took her advice, worked out a lot, wrote a lot and nearly one year to that day, I met my husband. It was three days after hiking a mountain and telling my parents that I was very happy on my own. 

9) My quarantine has had silver linings. I got to spend four months with my nineteen year old daughter. We watched all the Twilight and Harry Potter movies, we laughed our heads off while she cut my hair, we cooked for each other and I completely treasured the time with her. My older daughter has visited us often and it's been lovely.

10) I've hung out with Oprah. Yes, that one. In 2010 I was selected to be part of a group of women to fly to Chicago (I got to bring my sister) and interview Oprah for the 10th Anniversary issue of O Magazine. We spent a couple hours chatting and it was completely inspiring. Oprah is really funny and Gayle is just a powerhouse.