The tarot has traditionally been used as an esoteric tool for divination purposes, but in the modern day anyone and everyone can benefit from reading the tarot, from professionals wanting to get ahead in the work place to those in the from-home business of parenting.

Modern Day Tarot Play

Modern Day Tarot Play

No matter who we usually look to for higher guidance in our lives, friends, family, partners, coaches, teachers, or preachers they can rarely match the honesty, integrity, and complete any-time availability of the tarot. No matter what your question the tarot is available, 24/7, at the location that most suits you; all the reader has to be is ready and willing to improve the quality of their thoughts and subsequently the quality of their life.

What most people don’t realise about the tarot is that the predictive or divinatory aspect is merely a by-product of seeing ourselves, wholly and completely. The tarot is therefore a tool for greater self-awareness and realisation, via which we shape and own our future.

The tarot pushes our buttons, giving rise to the opportunity to study and learn about our deep, core reactions and responses; where they come from; how and whether they are serving us. In a sense the tarot opens a black-hole of possibility in the brain by prompting the rational mind to relinquish control and grant instant-access to previously unrealised information.

The surfaced information brought forth via the tarot helps us surf our most extreme brain waves, rather than than get tossed about or pulled under by them. Because one thing is certain, that from beginning to end life is full of these ups and downs.

Tarot enables us to straighten the tangled threads of life, to add extra weight or lighten things up in the right places, when things feel unbalanced; to move things forward after a stubborn stalemate or unforeseen impediment.

The purity of the tarot can help unclutter the mind of convoluted ego-projections, motivations, and agendas, that make it impossible to see our way out of, or around the corners of our labyrinthine lives. It helps us forge a wholly clear, honest and transparent relationship with ourselves to ensure you become a pure channel to realise your most authentic joy in life, and, implement the structures you need stay on purpose.

It helps us see greater meaning and make connections between the challenging times and the times when life feels most aligned. The tarot provides windows of transparency into any situation, so we are poised and ready to make the most of life’s moments, or relaxed and rested during the in-between times.

When we are stuck, facing a problem or needing a bigger-picture perspective, the symbolic imagery of the tarot taps our latent intuitive resources, which operate 80,000 times faster than our brains cognitive processor, to launch us well ahead of the game.

The computerised world which dominates so much of our work and leisure time has become a mind-crutch, shutting down neural pathways where the tarot opens and reconnects us. Modern Day Tarot Play is our in-pocket guide to staying heart connected in our increasingly heady world.