I am slightly biased as I am a new parent myself, so this book came at exactly the right time for me. When I thought about all the books I have read this year- it was a no brainer- this one was the clear winner.

Female First Awards 2019: Book of the Year

Female First Awards 2019: Book of the Year

I came across The Unmumsy Mum while I was on maternity leave and it brought laughter into my world when I thought there was none left (thanks to the blessing that is sleep deprivation).

I have to admit I read it slowly, as I could only manage a few pages before dropping off (just to be clear this was not because of the book it was a result of being up all night).

This A-Z is perfect for new mums in the throes of night-time feeds because it is divided up into bite-sized chunks. So, if you are knackered- you can still manage to read at least one of the letters before passing out!

This is the third book in The Unmumsy Mum series, so if you haven’t come across these books before, I strongly urge you to read the others first as they will bring you just as much joy as the A-Z does.

The thing I like most about these books is that they don’t sugar-coat motherhood. The author is very candid about the good, the bad and the ugly of being a mum. After reading these, I don’t feel so guilty about not loving every minute of taking care of my small person.

Parenthood is hard and the adverts, TV shows and movies lead you to believe otherwise. All new parents need this book in their life to alleviate some of the guilt that we all feel. Parenting is the most challenging and rewarding thing you will ever do, and this book captures the highs and lows perfectly. I only wish I had read it before my little girl came to act as a warning!

Thank you to The Unmumsy Mum for keeping me company when times were tough. I love your work and I know that other parents will agree that you saved them with your words too.

P.S. Massive respect for doing this three times- I’m struggling with just the one!

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