Fiona Harper's new novel The Other Us comes out today so to celebrate, she tells us a bit more about the author behind the books. 

Fiona Harper

Fiona Harper

I’m a normal person! I have a husband and kids, do school runs and my own grocery shopping, clean the toilet…you get the picture. Before I was published, I thought writers were a special breed of people who wafted around thinking Great Thoughts, but we’re just ordinary, for the most part.

I’m the most annoying person in the world to watch TV with. I can’t help myself! I have to analyse character motivation and point out plot holes in everything I watch – even adverts! One day soon, my kids are going to prise the TiVo remote from my hands and seal my mouth shut with gaffer tape.

I’m horrendously nosey. I can’t resist earwigging on other people’s conversations when I’m out and about. You have been warned!

I didn’t study English at university. I studied Dance and Theology, dual subject degree – I kid you not! Why am I telling you this? Don’t let what you think are your lack of credentials hold you back from chasing your dreams. Do it anyway.

I got married young. Like Maggie, the heroine in my new book, The Other Us, I got married right after I graduated university at the grand old age of 21, and I’m still with him. It’s not necessarily a recipe for disaster to wed young if you can manage to grow up together instead of growing apart as you get older.

If crying was an Olympic sport, I’d bring home the gold for Team GB. Basically, I’m a sap. I cry at films, books, the news, adverts… I cry because I’m happy, sad, angry, proud. Any emotion I feel leaks out through my eyes. I used to get embarrassed about it but now I just accept it’s who I am.

I seem very nice, but underneath I’m a Rottweiler. Not that I mean I’m being fake. I am nice. Maybe too nice. Sometimes I need to stand up for myself more. But I also have a stubborn streak. When I make up my mind to do something, I don’t give up. This trait came in very handy when I decided I wanted to be an author!

I am a Tomb Raider addict. I love video games, especially those featuring the ‘divine ponytail’ AKA Lara Croft. Did you know, when she was originally created her birthday was only ten days different from mine? Not sure I’ve aged so well. Wish I looked as good in a pair of shorts. Sigh.

If I’m reading, there’s no point talking to me. I won’t hear you. I lose myself completely in the story. I have now trained my husband and kids to call my name and not start sending information my way until they have eye contact. It can take a couple of tries, though.

I love meeting readers. So if you happen to spot me writing away in a café near you, come and say ‘hi!’. I promise I won’t bite.