Every person carries wounds, pains, memories, minor or major traumas and each and every one of us hold within ourselves the capacity to heal our own wounds

Gonca Alban

Gonca Alban

Our wounds, our suffering, our pain are our greatest teachers. Once we have heard and understood the messages they hold, they lose their grip on us. Once we have taken what they are there to offer, they lose their urgency and fade away, no longer controlling the way we think, feel and lead our lives. As unfair and harsh as some experiences might seem, ultimately they are all gifts and none of them are pointless if we are able to grab the messages they intend us to hear

Each day of our lives our memories, hopes and past experiences work through us, affecting strongly each move we make, each decision we take, each smile we give or choose to withhold, the way we feel and the way we see the world. In fact they are present in every action and thought of our lives. The more aware we become of these unconscious triggers and drives, the more we can draw them out of darkness into the light, the less they rule our lives and we are freed to make conscious decisions.

We fear facing them, and yet they cannot harm us if we let them surface and allow ourselves to experience them. They only influence our lives negatively if we ignore or suppress them.

Cara is a young woman who is drawn to find her true identity, experience her truth and live a genuine life.  Through her story  in my novel Love, Loss, Life,... I explore the experience of facing the darkest parts of our soul. Cara finds her way through the darkness by not retreating, by facing her wounds, her fears and all that holds her back. She moves forward with increasing awareness of herself and a deeper understanding of who she is. She finds light in her life and a deep joy of being and living. I hope that my novel will empower those who read it to set off on their own individual journey and find their innermost truth and light.

I am a yoga teacher and Somatic Experiencing therapist with many years experience, both personally and professionally, of healing the body and the psyche by working with dreams, images, memories and bodily sensations.