Hi, I'm Kait and I'm a planner. And a list maker. And I might have a few control issues.



I used to be much worse, I swear.

I will admit, over the years, I've strayed a little from some of my lists and a few plans have gone slightly awry, but I've managed to complete quite a few of the major goals (although new ones always seem to crop up). With the addition of a husband and the chaos only a child can bring, how could I stay dead on course? I had to learn to adapt.

What threw me for a loop was, when I did allow things to go aslant, the world didn't implode.

How could that be? I was instilled from a young age to make goals, meet them, and make more. Taught that schedules are my friends and lists help organize life. And it's all true. But I had to learn just because something wasn't on my list didn't mean I couldn't do it. That if I didn't meet a goal exactly when I originally planned, it wasn't the end of the world. I can make dinner a little late sometimes. I can change up my routine and still accomplish my goals.

Once I got my head around the realization, life became so much simpler and less stressful.

So when Cara, the heroine of my new release Grind started exhibiting the same sort of behaviour as my old self, I thought great! I can write what I know! After all, isn't that what other writers always tell you to do? It wasn't until I got to know Cara, that I found out how different from me she is.

First of all, her life is much more glamourous than mine. She's gorgeous, has a successful restaurant, and has a jet setting lover with oodles of cash whose only drawback is he wants to take things further. Cara just has yet to learn how to let go and if she doesn't she will lose someone who's very important to her.

Only she isn't ready to loosen her grip on the reins. Jason loves Cara, but they have a long history and things haven't always been easy for them. The one thing she knows for sure about their relationship is the chemistry between them is combustible. They come and go as they please, meeting up for blisteringly hot weekends. No strings. No complicated relationship stuff. She doesn't want to do anything to jeopardize what she sees as the perfect set up.

Cara has built her world through hard work and determination, so she knows how to get things done. She's got her head together; she has a successful career to prove it. It's just getting her to see that loosening her grip on things is a good thing. That she will lose a vital part of her life if she doesn't. Jason really has his work cut out for him!

I still make lists upon lists, I have many plans, and I stress every now and then when I don't meet a self-imposed deadline. I've made amends with the fact that I will always schedule like crazy but now I understand the limitations of being so unyielding. It's been a crazy ride but relaxing my rigid view of life has been both terrifying and awesome. Hopefully, Cara would agree too.

GRIND comes out from Totally Bound Publishing March 6.

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