Hello, My name is Amara Kanu, a mother of three, fitness enthusiast and wife to ex professional footballer, Nwankwo Kanu. Growing up, even though I wasn’t your top athletic girl, I always gave it a go and participated in my college house sports. I would run when there was absolutely no way to escape it.

Amara Kanu

Amara Kanu

Shortly after running for competitions, my thighs would come up in hives and itch like crazy. However, I would smile and pretend as if I was okay. Then I would walk off to a private space where I would scratch till my skin hurt.

The reminiscence of those moments still makes me giggle, but the main lesson I pulled from those memories is the fact that I endured and didn’t quit. Even though I was not close to being the best runner, I was still impassioned about seeing my team win.

As a child, I loved arts and anything that related to craft and creative acting. I loved the smile and mirth people would exude whenever I stimulated their emotions with my optimism and demeanor. I am one of those people who shone best when helping others and as a result of that, it was quite tricky figuring out exactly what I would love to become when I grew up.

However, I fell in love as a teenager and got married in the year 2004, at the age of eighteen, to an athlete whose lifestyle has been a great influence on my views about fitness and exercise. As I grew older, I learnt and experienced a lot about the strength and character that exercise brings to the table.

Leading a healthy lifestyle helped me cope with the lime light I was exposed to at such a young age. It helped me maintain sanity whilst being a teenage wife or WAG (wives and girlfriends of footballers), as some would call it, mum, student and supportive backbone, amongst many other roles I assumed. I discovered what works for me and I found myself falling in love with benefits that a healthy and fit lifestyle could afford me.

Life got busier as years rolled by, but I never allowed my daily fitness routine to be breached. As a mother of three, I still trained on a regular basis in order to maintain my body shape. I was determined to never give up. Soon enough, I began to witness positive turnarounds.

My life evolved in 2013 when a new door opened for me and I had the amazing opportunity to start mentoring women. I didn’t know a lot of women had been monitoring my fitness progress all along until I received two major requests shortly after giving birth to my third child.

Their requests were simply to inspire and guide them in health and lifestyle, and to support them in their changing lives, through exercise. I worked with them for 6 months and I watched them meet their goals. I felt fulfilled and my heart glowed with pride upon the realization that I had found my biggest plus: helping other people become fit and healthy.

The motivation behind this book is however based behind helping every individual who is worried about their weight and as a consequence, are apprehensive about their health. Having tried out varieties of dieting plans and fitness techniques, you have realised that nothing seems to be effective.

Yet, you keep searching everywhere in this world for tips and strategies on how to keep fit and improve your health in the process. Please, don’t give up on yourself just yet. I am elated to inform you that you’re on the right path for choosing to read this guide.

This book is not only imbued with tips on how to burn calories, the content will also empower you into achieving success through the discipline that comes with a healthy and fit lifestyle, no matter your—shape, size or background. By the time you are done with this book, I am sure you would be a better person for yourself and your loved ones.


There is no individual who is sometimes not plagued by the incessant desire to feel or look good. This is because it not only boosts self esteem, it helps in overall sense of well-being and how people in society perceive us. You can tell a lot about an individuals’ mindset, health and life habits at one glance, the same way doctors can tell if one is in danger by simply looking at the tongue.  With so much advice floating around and about us, how then do we keep fit in a world of surplus sugar and all the other goodies that contribute to the calories we so desperately want to shake off?

As a mother, how do you get back that sexy and jaw-dropping shape your husband fell in love with? Don’t you miss the good old days when you get up and perform some flips without feeling like a sack of potatoes? And oh! There is also the problem of adding weight during pregnancy, now the baby has arrived and you really need to see the young girl who got married even you now have a baby and statistics say there is chance you may never recover from the expansion of the previous nine months.

Every problem is approached and solved better when there is no fear or doubt lurking somewhere around the corner…so calm down, take deep breaths, look at yourself in the mirror or simply tell yourself, “It is achievable!” You can and will get your body back if you want to and I’ll show you how.


There is more to health than having six pack abs, losing a few kilograms and staying within the limits of your recommended body mass index (BMI). It relates directly to your physical state. Questions like how good you feel, how your skin appears and even your posture and general energy comes to mind.

For example, when I notice and compliment a client who has clearly made an effort to brush her hair or even adjust their sitting or standing position whilst doing daily activities, instantly she reacts positively by smiling with a glow on her face. This goes to show that clearly, the sense of a healthy well-being pushes you to mirroring the attitudes of sureness and confidence in your work thereby making it a lot easier to enjoy the process of achieving wealth.

This is why it is so important to make your health a priority.

From my experience with working with women to make them feel confident in their own skin, being healthy paves the way for you to accomplish so many other good things that you would like to achieve simply because by default as the effects of good health spreads into other areas of your life.

When you understand fully the balance between taking care of yourself versus taking care of others and doing the things you are supposed to do, you will start to view simple daily things like choosing the right beverage, your sleep time, work/study and even having a good laugh as vital to maintaining a good health.

In turn you will have the energy and emotional balance to pursue your goals and be content with your wealth and success.

HEALTHY LIVING WITH AMARA KANU is available to buy on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and amarakanu.com, priced at £12.99