The story of Hedda, a bilingual Polish-German woman whose parents have died under Nazi persecution, is recruited by British intelligence. She is asked to volunteer for a top secret mission: to replace Anneliese, an appointee to the German embassy in occupied Paris.  



Tadzio, Hedda’s fiancé, survives an air attack on his tank near Dunkirk. Seduced by Liliane, from her farm he recruits local partisans to carry out vital resistance operations.

As assistant to the Head of Chancery, Hedda copies top secret documents to London – reports sent to Berlin and details of operations Sea Lion and Barbarossa.  She becomes romantically involved with Werner, an aristocratic SS Sturmbannführer who secretly opposes Hitler. He becomes suspicious of her background when she saves his life using a sub-machine gun to fight off an assassination attempt.

Her cover is almost blown when she and Werner are sent home for Christmas. Anneliese’s family are persuaded to cooperate, but Werner discovers that Hedda is a British agent. He does not  betray her: his own family are also anti-Hitler. Anneliese’s family gathers intelligence on atrocities against Dachau’s male and female inmates. Photographs sent via Hedda to Roosevelt help obtain support for Lend-Lease, ensuring that there is no early victory over England.

Hedda’s cover is finally blown when a courier is arrested in Paris. She and Werner, who has switched allegiances, take refuge with a British agent who arranges evacuation by RAF Lysander. At the last minute Hedda learns that Tadzio is alive and does not board the aircraft.

Hedda joins Tadzio’s cell for a massive attack on a German airfield, but Hedda and Tadzio must now escape across the Pyrenees into Spain. Liliane, who has given birth to a daughter, refuses to leave the farm. Back in the United Kingdom Tadzio and Hedda eventually resume their former relationship. 

First Thoughts:

From its harrowing beginning to its conclusion you will not want to put this book down. Full of initial sorrow through to survival before rejioning the war effort in 1940's occupied France. The story takes on a ride of love, intrigue, betrayal keeping you wondering how or indeed if Heeda will survive. For lovers of Follet mysteries this is a must.

FemaleFirst rated this 5 Stars

RELEASE DATE: 28/04/2023

ISBN: 9781915603517 Price: £10.99

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