Writing a Christmas book every year means a large part of my year is immersed in Christmas,  so I really have to love it to spend so much time wrapped up in it. Fortunately its my favourite time of the year. Here are 8 things i love about Christmas.

Holly Martin

Holly Martin

Giving presents. I love finding the right present for someone and seeing their face when they open it. In recent years, me and my friends have decided to make presents for each other  and that makes it extra hard but extra special.

Christmas food. I love the food that you can only get at Christmas, the christmas chocolates, mince pies, the festive drinks like gingerbread coffee you find in cafes and coffee shops, the cookies, giant toblerone, turkey with all the trimmings and christmas cake. Christmas is definitely the best season for food.

Christmas movies. I love a great Christmas film, the sweet, the funny, the traditional, the unbelievably cheesy, i love them all and will often watch them back to back, i love the feel good factor you get from watching them.

Christmas jumpers. I love Christmas jumpers, the crazy ones, the sparkly, the cute. I spend several weeks wearing my huge collection of Christmas jumpers and every year i buy some more.

Clothes. I love all the sparkly party clothes and getting dressed up to go out for Christmas parties. There's something wonderful about getting glammed up in our sparkly outfits.

Decorations. I love decorating my house in its festive best, decorating the tree with the baubles I've collected over the years, and seeing all the houses lit up with different lights. I love seeing the lights in shops and towns too, it fills me with a festive glow

Games. Every Christmas me and my family play board games after the big lunch. Its the only time of year we do it and i love that time together. We play pictionary or rapidough but my favourite is Cluedo, normally because I almost always win.

Catching up with all my friends and family. The celebrations always stretch on for many weeks as I see all my friends and family and we all have different traditions. With one group of friends we have secret santa with rules that are so convoluted and change every year. Part of our day is arguinging good naturedly about how secret santa should be run this year.