Escaping the rat race is a desire for many, research published last month revealed that more than half of all UK employees are unhappy in the work place. Many can relate to being unhappy in their job, the realities of spending more time at work then we do with our loved ones, and with the UK retirement age set to increase in the coming years, it doesn’t exactly incite excitement in the average person.

Ebony Gayle

Ebony Gayle

So, how happy are those that have escaped the 9-5? A study last month of 5,000 workers concluded that self-employed people are more successful in their careers and felt happier in their job. Statistics show that self-employment is on the rise, if you are thinking about a way to exit the workplace here are 10 routes to explore: Mind matters

Work on your mind-set, if you’re serious about escaping the 9-5 tied to your desk culture, it’s vital to take time to work on your confidence and resilience. Working for yourself is empowering and rewarding but also challenging, you have to keep yourself motivated throughout it all. Positive can-do attitude alongside action is imperative.

Consider becoming a consultant 

As a consultant you are paid to share your professional knowledge with clients to help them achieve their goals. Anyone can consultant as long as they have the necessary skills set. It’s a great way to escape and to earn well whilst you do so - this is the route I opted for.

Build your side hustle

What do you do in your spare time? Whether you make jewellery, paint, do people’s hair or make- up, there could be an audience waiting for you. With hard graft and commitment, you can build on this and eventually turn your side hustle into a full-time gig and quit your day job.

Start an online business 

There are lots of people making money online. If you have an eye for spotting bargains aimed at a niche markets, why not explore an e-commerce business, or create a website to review products. Do some research and you’ll see the potential in this area is limitless.

Online Selling 

Setting up as a seller on eBay or Amazon platforms can be extremely lucrative, and whilst it is becoming more popular, with the right product and marketing you can be on your way to leaving your workplace.


Do you have a great personality that translates on screen? Why not look at becoming a Youtuber. With passion, hard work and dedication it’s proven to be a rewarding and lucrative route for many.


If you do it right, target the right niche, remain consistent, it’s a great way to build a passive income that can over take your salary. 

Teaching Online 

There are always people looking to learn new skills, so why not share your knowledge and get paid for it. 

Writing Books 

Everyone has a story in them, so why not consider penning a book or creating an audio book. 


Websites like Upwork and Fivver, allow you to sell your services, such as copy writing, graphic design and social media management. You don’t even need a website so can start earning ASAP.

Remember whichever route appeals to you, do your research, be diligent and determined so you can reap the benefits of success!

Ebony Gayle is the author of ‘How To Become A Consultant; A Guide To Free Yourself From The 9-5’ available from Amazon, iBooks and other online platforms, priced £7.99