She works long vampire hours

Jacqueline feels privileged to be able to write full time, so she makes the most of it. Her mornings are emails and social media, afternoons are editing and outlining and nights are reserved for writing. She starts at midnight and doesn’t go to bed until 6 am.

Jacqueline Druga

Jacqueline Druga

She is prolific

Jacqueline has penned over 135 books, twenty screenplays and thirty songs.

She has the music in her

Since she was fifteen, Jacqueline had played in bands. She is a singer and keyboard player, and as she got older, she transitioned to a karaoke DJ.

Amazon Kindle Saved Her

In 2008 Jacqueline was a struggling single mother, working two jobs, raising her infant grandson, deciding on what utility to pay, while standing in line to get free formula. Jacqueline placed her first book on Amazon Kindle in December 2010, and thankfully the independent platform afforded her a chance to change her life. People were reading her work.

The End is Now

Jacqueline appeared on the History Channel Special, The End is Now. A documentary about apocalypse scenarios. She was featured as a bio warfare expert.

Rejection Queen

Writing was a dream and Jacqueline vowed she would get published. She also vowed that she would stop trying once she collected enough rejection letters to place one on each step of the Empire State Building. She has accumulated over 1,172 rejections and keeps them in a bin next to her desk as a reminder to never give up.

In the Movies

Jacqueline not only writes, she is a filmmaker. She has produced over fifteen short films and television series based on her Beginnings Series. She also has won several awards for her shorts.

Early Start in Life

Completely infatuated with the end of the world and doom, Jacqueline wrote her first story at ten, Disaster in the Liberty Tunnels. Oddly in her teen years she wrote fourteen romance novellas.

Lunch on Her

Remember the days of school lunches? Jacqueline gives her time, every day to be a lunch lady and recess monitor at her grandchildren’s Catholic School.

Charlton Heston Forever

Jacqueline has had an infatuation with actor, Charlton Heston, ever since she was a child. She fashioned heroes in her earlier stories after him. In 2003, he was forwarded a news clipping on how he inspired her. Mr. Heston reached out to Jacqueline and so began a pen pal correspondence until his illness took its toll. Jacqueline treasures every hand written letter he sent.

Author Bio

Jacqueline Druga is a native of Pittsburgh, PA. Her works include genres of all types but she favours post-apocalypse and apocalypse writing. She has just finished the production of her Beginnings series, which can be viewed on Amazon Prime.

Her latest book No Man’s Land can be found here: