When I was young, I didn’t know what career path I wanted to pursue. I left school, ambled through life, fell upon a job in the UK Civil Service, and later worked as a buyer for an engineering company. I have always been a big reader, but I never saw myself as a writer, certainly not of fiction.

One Good Lie

One Good Lie

The turning point for me came almost twenty years ago when my husband and I took a year out to travel the world. At our leaving party a friend gave us a journal to record our experiences. I remember thinking at the time, I won’t use it; I never kept a diary for more than a couple of weeks as a child. But little did I know that this journal was to become my most treasured travel companion. My husband and I each wrote an entry into the book every day for the year we were away, and we ended up arriving home with several volumes.

Years later, after we had settled back in the UK and my daughter was born, the walls of our home were plastered with photographs of our travels – people we met, places we saw, experiences we enjoyed. But I increasingly found myself drawn to the diaries. When my daughter slept in the afternoons, I would pull one of the volumes down off the shelf and take a peek. Leafing through the pages, reading our spidery scrawl, I found I was instantly transported back. I could smell the spices in Kuala Lumpur, hear the street music of Bangkok, feel the thick heat that pervades the wonderfully clean Singapore, see the red earth of Australia. It made me realise not only the power of words, but also how much I had enjoyed the process of capturing those special moments.

I have always loved education and taken a plethora of different courses over the years – French, art, law, pottery, personnel management, sociology, and sign language. So, my love affair with writing ignited, the obvious thing to do was to enrol on a creative writing course and study the technique and art of writing.

I began writing non-fiction, articles for newspapers and magazines, but it wasn’t long before I started experimenting with short stories and poems. I am the first to admit that some of my early work was terrible: I started off writing romance and I don’t read a huge amount of romance, I read mostly thrillers. But I also don’t read a lot of short stories, I read mostly novels. So, in 2007, I embarked on my first novel, which was picked up by a publisher. And I’ve never looked back.

Nine novels and fourteen years later, One Good Lie, my first book in the psychological suspense genre, is set to be released by Canelo on 24th June. I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you.

About One Good Lie,

Her sister’s boyfriend. Her worst nightmare. Ruby can’t help but worry for her fragile younger sister, Sophie, who is still wracked with guilt over their mother’s death. Still, she’s glad that Sophie’s boyfriend, Ewan, is supporting her. He’s been her rock, not only taking care of her, but her two little kids, too. So what if he doesn’t like talking about his past?

When news of another woman’s death spreads through their town like wildfire, Ruby is shocked to find herself with good reason to suspect Ewan of the crime. But with one good lie driving a wedge between the sisters, it’s hard for Ruby to get Sophie to see what she sees. Ewan is a dangerous liar.

A gripping and unputdownable thriller that will keep you guessing into the early hours of the morning. Perfect for fans of Lisa Jewell, Sally Hepworth and B. A. Paris

About Jane Isaac

Jane herself is married to a serving detective and they live in rural Northamptonshire, UK with their dogs. She is the author of three critically acclaimed detective series, and several of her books have reached the top 3 on Amazon's Kindle chart. One Good Lie is her first psychological thriller.