To celebrate the release of her new book The Little Bed and Breakfast by the Sea- author Jennifer Joyce tells us a little bit about herself. 

Jennifer Joyce

Jennifer Joyce

I knew I wanted to be a writer when I was 10.

A teacher took my class to our local library, where a children’s author was giving a talk. I’d always loved making up stories but it had never occurred to me that I could do it for a living one day, but as I sat listening to him, I knew that’s what I wanted to do when I was older.

I love crafting.

I have two cupboards at home full of crafty tools and materials, plus a storage box under my bed. Give me a pack of coloured card, a pair of scissors and a roll of double-sided tape and I’m happy!

I dream of having a home library.

It has to have a pair of ladders on wheels, like the library in Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

I’m scared of lots of things.

Spiders (obviously), moths, anything creepy-crawly or sting-y, geese, horses, the pipe on a vacuum cleaner… I’m a wimp.

My geography skills are non-existent.

It’s scary how little knowledge I have of the countries of the world and where they are in relation to each other, though watching Pointless is broadening my knowledge a little bit.

I love cheesy pop, preferably from the 90s.

I went to S Club 7’s Bring It All Back reunion tour in 2015 and it was AMAZING.

I don’t have a middle name.

Nope, just the first name and last name for me. I always felt I was missing out growing up (and still do!) so I made sure my daughters have middle names (which are Elizabeth and Chloe).

I once touched Simon Cowell’s car.

It was during the Manchester X Factor auditions and Simon’s driver was waiting for him to come out of his hotel. That year (and maybe a year or two after) every time the car was shown on X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent I’d point it out to my family, who pretended to be fed up of me bringing it up (again). I know they loved it really, though.

I love history.

Especially the Tudor and Plantagenet periods. I’ve been delving into my family history over the past few years and it’s fascinating putting all the bits of information together and building up a picture of my ancestors. I love it when it’s time to fill in the census as I imagine the footprint I’m leaving behind for future generations to discover.

I love Brussel sprouts.

Tied with roast potatoes, they’re my favourite part of a Christmas dinner. Only the dog and I like them, so I hardly have to share them! 

The Little Bed & Breakfast by the Sea is published by HQ and is available now