Growing up on the Yorkshire Moors, a place of great beauty, JENNIFER WEEKS became a secondary school English teacher where she went on to inspire her students in London and Buckinghamshire with her passion for literature. Following the publication of her new novel, The Perils of a Literary Life, she shares the 10 things she’d like readers to know about her.

The Perils of A Literary Life

The Perils of A Literary Life

I feel very fortunate to have had a secure childhood, growing up in a loving family – the best foundation in life – and I believe this has enabled me to live my life as I have wished, creating my own happy family and pursuing a useful and fulfilling career in teaching.

I am lucky to have a lovely husband and two delightful sons. Nothing in my life has been more important to me than creating two wonderful people and I have loved watching them flourish. I also have the added joy of two grandchildren!

Being an English teacher has meant a lot to me, helping students express their thoughts and feelings and open their eyes to English Literature. Unfortunately I have found that many layers of bureaucracy now involved in teaching are time-consuming and often detrimental to education.

As a bit of a culture vulture, I enjoy helping with our annual local Shakespeare production. We have raised a lot of money for charity and I act a little – not big parts, as I don’t trust my memory! I am in awe of some of our performers, especially my husband who is an excellent actor.

I enjoy both the countryside and city life. We have undertaken many long distance walks, including the 250 mile Pennine Way, the Coast to Coast and the Cotswold Way. We love the freedom of countryside and enjoy the varied beauty of mountains, rivers, streams and moors.

I regularly meet up with my sister for weekend city breaks and with friends for a day in London. We share a love of art galleries, traditional and modern, as well as an interesting play. I like to support the arts, feeling it is an undervalued boost to our national economy.

I am also interested in scientific developments, particularly advances in Neuroscience. I have always been fascinated by the brain and new research has inspired my next novel, which I am working upon at present. Watch this space!

Other cultural interests include ballet for the over-60’s and singing. I enjoy the discipline and focus of ballet, as well as the fun of dancing. I am a keen member of our 100 strong community choir and sometimes find singing collectively in unison almost euphoric – a feeling difficult to define or explain.

Having visited Rome and Athens, deepening my understanding of the origins of western civilisation, I would like to travel further afield, finances allowing! In particular, I would love to visit India, as well as encounter the varied landscapes, flora and fauna of Australia and New Zealand.

I am so lucky to be in good health and in a loving relationship with my husband, and with supportive friends and family. I do believe in trying to make the most of each day, appreciating the pleasures in life, large and small, and helping others in whatever ways I can.