Born mid WW2 I inherited a sense of fun and I consider myself fortunate to have lived through a remarkable period of history.

Encouraged to seek knowledge I was introduced to books and children’s characters of the era.  Educated at Woking Grammar School, in England, by eager young schoolmasters pleased to be home from the war, I qualified as a chartered accountant opening horizons to a career including leisure, films and music, the motor trade, the manufacture of hovercraft and container ships and the changing environment of the print industry.                                                                          



Travelling in the UK, Europe and the USA my experiences expanded.                                                      

Throughout a varied career and extensive travel my home has been in the south of England, in Woking, Surrey and Yateley, Hampshire.                                                                                                                      

Married for over fifty years my wife and I have two children and four grandchildren and from young ages we encouraged them to explore vocabulary and different concepts through books and the appreciation of language.

Now in semi-retirement I draw on varied experiences to write interesting and fun books for children taking their first steps in the adventure of education, helped by fictitious characters called Iggles.

Chances and remarkable surprises. On 6th February 2012 a grandson – Thomas – arrived and I decided that I should write colourful children’s books.

It was a remarkable coincidence that the date 6th February 2012 was the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the English throne.

Chance made me write to the Queen to congratulate her for the amazing 60 years of her reign and I sent a photo of one of her newest subjects – Thomas.

Around two weeks later a letter arrived from Buckingham Palace addressed to Thomas and me from the Queen thanking us for our congratulations.

Later when Thomas had mastered speech we suggested a letter to the Queen be sent to offer his thanks for the letter received soon after his birth - normally he would have received a letter from his Sovereign on reaching 100 years of age.

I continued to write children’s stories and ten characters were published as two compendiums by 2016 – see with FREE colouring pages

In 2017 I met the Managing Director of Troubador and Matador – the foremost publisher of self-published books in the UK who agreed to print copies of my books – see and

On 28th November 2017 Mag-Iggle and Trop-Iggle were published as single books

By chance ‘FEMALE FIRST’ was first to ask me to write 10 things I would like my readers to know about me - prompting this true story

To help young children to appreciate the allure of colourful books is to pass on the joy that I experienced in my youth – authors of all children’s books reap great rewards – young children’s faces reflect pride in their achievement

I implore you to make their journey FUN


Visit to find out more about John’s AMAZING IGGLES series and to download free Iggles colouring pages.