Final Second

Final Second

1. The fact that I get to tell the stories my imagination dreams up to readers.

2. Starting work on a new project as I find putting down the first draft is very exciting as I develop characters and plot threads.

3. Typing “The End” on a first draft is hugely satisfying.

4. Don’t tell my editor because I always grumble about edits, but I’ve grown to love the editing process as it’s when the shape of my stories really takes a recognisable form.

5. The feedback from readers when they enjoy one of my books or short stories.

6. Meeting readers who offered praise on one of my books is a hugely humbling experience that makes all the lonely hours of bad typing worthwhile.

7. The fact that as a fiction author, I can offer readers a resolution they don’t often get from real life crimes.

8. The camaraderie of the whole crime writing community is a wonderful and I have made many good friends who are readers, agents, authors, bloggers, editors and various other industry professionals.

9. Being able to set puzzles for others to solve is a fantastic thing to be able to do, although I always end up worrying that the mysteries in my stories are too easy to solve and too hard to work out. It’s odd to feel both at once, but I often do feel that way as when I’m immersed in the story, I don’t have the objectivity that distance brings.

10. Brainstorming ideas with my agent, editor and trusted writing friends is a part of the process I absolutely adore. These sessions often end up with me feeling as I’m a crucial witness in a big court case as every aspect of my idea is picked apart and questioned by brighter minds than mine. I feel this process is invaluable as it raises questions I hadn’t considered and makes me look at my story from a different perspective; doing this brings out the best in me and these sessions using involve a semi-equal amount of swearing and laughter.