Frankie's Flame

Frankie's Flame

We both feel that Frankie’s Flame is the perfect way to end this series. Frankie and his ‘flame’ had questions and Auntie supplied the answers. Along the way, well, there’s some really hot/interesting goings on at the inn.

This is book six in the Kindred Spirits series so what can you tell us about the other five?

Each book revolved around someone who came to visit the inn for a variety of reasons. The visitors are always gay and most often don’t believe in ghosts, which makes for some fun.

The book has been compared to Sandrine Gasq-Dion and Cardeno C so how does that make you feel?

Perhaps it’s them who write more like us. LOL

Jenna you are a big fan of reading erotic romance so who are your favourites?

Why Jude Mason, of course. I also enjoy Lisabet Sarai, Carol Lynne, Michelle Houston and Summer Jordan.

Jude, you get inspiration from many things, so where is your most inspirational place to be?

It used to be sitting by the ocean. I could sit and listen to the waves for hours, my imagination going wild. Later on, it was anywhere I could have silence. I don’t do noises well. The outdoors, the woods, anywhere I can let my imagination walk ahead of me.

What is your combined writing process?

That’s an easy one and it’s worked for us since day one. We get together and come up with ideas. Jude usually starts the story, writes a couple thousand words, then sends to Jenna to continue. Jenna likes to end the books, and tie up all the loose ends.

Jude: Jenna came to visit me a few years ago and I thought my husband was going to shoot us both. We sat in the living room and for a couple of hours we simply sat and came up with scenarios for books. Within that time, we must have dreamed up a dozen rough ideas and fleshed out the next book in whatever series we were working on.

Oh, the number one thing both of us agreed to. We were friends first and said that if our writing ever got in the way of our friendship, we’d stop co-writing. It never did and I can’t see how it ever could.

Jude, tell us about the men in your stories!

I’ve written all manner of men, from simpering boy toys to the hulking macho dominant. I love diversity.

What was the inspiration behind this series of books.

Jude: Not sure what inspired Jenna, but for me it was the place and the idea of ghosts dwelling there. You see, the background picture on each of the Kindred Spirits books is a beach not too far from where I live. The inn is taken from one I’ve stayed in. I loved the idea of there being some supernatural events there and I’ve always been a big fan of gays, so the steps where easy for me.

Jenna: Loved the photo of the inn, and love reading and writing about hunky gay men. The rest came naturally!

What is next for you?

Jude: In all honesty, I’m not sure. My life has taken some twists and turns over the last couple of years and I haven’t written much. I’ve taken up wildlife photography and have lately wondered if I could somehow combine the two. I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see.

Jenna: I have a Frost Bite novella called Night Fall coming this month from Totally Bound. I also have an older woman/younger man novella called Legal Manoeuvres coming in February or March. Both were so much fun to write. After that, time will tell. Readers can find the latest news on my website and can find Jude at



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