I tend to be unconventional, so will skip the usual bumph about my happy childhood, subsequent misery as a complete misfit at a rather posh girls’ boarding school (Read ‘And Bruiny came too’ Just out in print and e-book), and tell you about the aspects that will put me in the best possible light!

And Bruiny Came Too

And Bruiny Came Too

Writing, drama, music and art play a large part in my life. They have all merged seamlessly over the years, from the time I was a small child. Writing and producing plays; writing and performing in radio documentaries; playing various musical instruments, mandolin, bowed psaltery, concertina, accordion, to name a few; running and performing in various folk clubs; these all satisfy my creative side.

Sailing has always been a passion, from small dinghies to a luxurious 34’ yacht, which we ran as a business. We offered sail training during the day, and in the evenings we took up to eight people out for a romantic evening on the water, with a 5-course dinner and wine, then a spectacular sail back by moonlight. That included another joy in my life – cooking and catering for friends and customers. With a family of 4, all bringing home friends for meals on weekends or for 6 month stays at a moment’s notice, I became adept at inventing exotic – (or ‘different’, as the children preferred to say) dishes. But, everything was always eaten!

The whole family are animal mad. This extends from the usual to the slightly bizarre. Dogs, naturally have been with us since we got married, but once the family came along, so did an assortment of creatures. We have loved terrapins, snakes, stick insects – cross that one out, I never took to a moving stick! Our daughter, Jo, brought an injured drake, half-blind, with no feet, and a wonky wing, home to die. It took 18 years! We have embraced ducks, 4 turkeys, rejects from a turkey farm, too small to be eaten. I loved them all, well, nearly all!

Both John, my husband, and I have always embraced new experiences. Saying ‘yes’ to everything has made for a rich life together for over 60 years, and we are still both very active, spending up to 6 months of the year exploring the English canals on our 60’ narrowboat. We are both in our 80’s but luckily both healthy, and intend to keep cruising for as long as possible. Luckily, the family think we are completely normal, even though friends shake their heads in disbelief when we try something off-kilter.

Our experiences of the last 16 years afloat are used as the basis of my second book “Geriatrics Afloat” which takes a wry and humorous look at the offbeat incidents which have befallen us. I look forward to sharing the experiences we have had with those who pick up the book in due course.

Judie Surridge author of And Bruiny came too https://www.austinmacauley.com/book/and-bruiny-came-too