I’m a wandering spirit. I walked 5,500 miles across three continents – London to Moscow, Melbourne to Sydney and LA to New York. I stayed with families, new friends, in posh hotels and $5 motels. Met some real angels who helped me along the way and some not-so-nice ones who I left behind. I was left the keys to lock up a German guesthouse, got lost in a Polish forest, ended up in an underground cell in Russia and almost expired in 100+ degree heat in America! You can read all about it in my first published book A Man and a Pram here...

Julian Cundy

Julian Cundy

I’m a huge fan of Charles Dickens. My favourite novels are A Tale of Two Cities, Barnaby Rudge and Bleak House (not as depressing as it sounds!) After visiting the Dickens Festival in Rochester for many years I splashed out on a couple of top hats and tailed coats. That’s how my love of Steampunk style began. Now it’s my signature look as you can see! We steampunkers have fun with it and don’t take ourselves too seriously. 

I worked at Walt Disney World in Florida at the UK Pavilion selling Paddington Bear, Peter Rabbit and other fine British wares back in the nineties. Shared an apartment with Italians, Germans, Mexicans, Americans, French and Canadian roommates. My job title was Cultural Representative – which of course I fitted perfectly...!

I spent a year in the Far East teaching English. Great days, scary days and a way of life so removed from our own. Really makes you stop and think about what’s really important. Life affirming, life changing and huge fun! Go East at least once in your life if you can.

I was a singer-songwriter before taking up novel/novella writing. My biggest crowd I played to was 65,000 at the Toucheng festival in Taiwan. The smallest crowd was a caretaker and his dog in East London one night...

I enjoy cooking, but like to keep it simple. My approach is always prepare and cook a basic meal but do it well. So my kitchen produces much chicken, pork, beef and veggie meals with many spices and sides to fill your tum and (hopefully) taste great!

I spent one day working as a kitchen porter. I’ve always said I’m never too proud to take any job as hard work is the cornerstone of self-esteem and worth. However, my arms and hands were aching so much after 8 hours of washing dishes pots and pans I had to quit! My admiration for kitchen porters to this day knows no bounds.

My favourite thing to do on a Saturday afternoon in going to Southend Utd football with my Dad. He is about to hit 90 years young. He used to take me to see Southend back in the 70s/80s and now I take him. It’s a great father and son thing to do. It’s not the silly world of billion pound fantasy football, it’s our local, family friendly club and we love it. 

I’m going to be walking again this year, from Prague to Berlin. A mere 200 miles this time for another charity close to my heart. This I’m sure will be another great trip (apart from the aching limbs and feet) but will tell me if my bones are still up for larger things. Watch this space!

My new novella Into the Summerland came to me in a dream. It’s a story about life and how we live it. It’s about love, loss, relationships – getting knocked down and rising up again. Those tiny decisions we make very day – do you say something or keep quiet? Are you being kind or avoiding the issue? 

This story, in the words of one review “is quite unique and made me think a lot – but it is entertaining too. It deserves to be read and is life affirming.” Reviews like that tell me I’m doing my job as an author correctly! 

I hope you enjoy it too.

About the author: Living in Westcliff-on-Sea Essex, Julian Cundy is a British adventurer, dedicated day dreamer, wordsmith and observer of life and all its absurdities. He is a recognisable character in his home town thanks to his eye-catching outfits comprising fine hats, cravats, tails and spats. 

Into the Summerland by Julian Cundy (published by Little Bang Publishing RRP £5.99 paperback and RRP £1.99 ebook) is available to purchase from online retailers including Amazon. For more information please visit www.juliancundy.com or follow Julian @CundyJulian