Junior: Unscripted

Junior: Unscripted

Junior: Unscripted is the third book in my Ivory Towers series, in which Angel and Shane consider spicing up their love live—to problematic consequences.


Your stories focus on college life, so what was college like for you?


I adored college! It was the first time in my life I felt normal, and not like I was speaking a different language from everyone around me. A whole school full of nerds like myself! I was in heaven.


What advice can you give to someone who is starting out as an erotic writer?


Write, then learn to write, then write some more. Though I was already a medical writer by the time I started writing fiction, I learned mostly by doing. There are many great writing courses on the market, and learning grammar is essential. But nothing can take the place of putting your butt in the chair and slamming out words.


Please can you give us a review of the book you are currently reading.


That’s a toughie. To be honest, I’ve never really written book reviews, not as a reader, and DEFINITELY not now that I’m an author. I’m not sure I ever had any perspective on what I was reading, but whatever I had was lost after writing my first dozen books. What I can say is, I just finished “Spook Squad” the seventh book in the PsyCop series, and I really enjoyed it.


What is your writing process?


I write, then I read it, and if it’s bad I fix it. Sometimes I write little notes on post it cards all over the place, both when I plot and when I edit. But mostly it’s just write, think, read, think, then write some more.

Which author would you most like to have dinner with and why?


Annabeth Albert, because she’s my critique partner but we’ve only met once, and only for an hour!


Where is Pacific Rim University based upon?


Whenever I write a campus I always borrow from the school I went to, in the northeast. But I wrote Pacific Rim in part based on how I imagine schools like UC Irvine and USC to look. I guess you could say I based it off brochures I read back in my teens.


What is next for you?


I have two new books in the works right now. The first is an east-coast beach story I’ve wanted to write for years. That’s on hold until next summer, though, since I really can’t write hot and sunny weather in the cold and rainy Seattle winter. The other story I’ve just started is the fourth book in my Fire and Rain series. The first book, “From the Ashes” just released in August.


Thanks for having me on the blog!


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