Why do bad guys always seem to get the girls?  Is it their confident swagger and rebellious image?  For some women, the attraction is purely sexual, heightened by a hint of danger.  For me, it’s the look.  I love a man with long hair, tattoos, wearing ripped black jeans and a leather jacket.  It just so happens that that look is often associated with bad boys.  What I really like, though, is the fact that just because the guy looks bad, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he is.  Apart from the dead sexy look, what I find appealing is that these guys (and girls) aren’t afraid to be themselves regardless of trend or other people’s expectations for them to conform to conventionalism.

Katy Swann

Katy Swann

My idea of the perfect man is one that is rough around the edges, but has a soft heart.  I think a lot of women (and men) would agree with me.  Nobody really wants someone who’s going to treat them badly, surely?  The trouble is, it’s hard to tell which ones are good and which are rotten to the core.  If they’re charming on the surface, it can be difficult to spot their darker side lurking beneath the fake exterior. 

Sometimes people are labelled bad by reputation.  Mud tends to stick and rumours are hard to banish.  Sometimes these rumours are true, but not always.  What if you fall for a man who has a reputation for being an arrogant womanising drug dealer?  You wouldn’t go near him, would you?  But what if the attraction is so strong that you just can’t resist him?  That’s what happens to Sami in my latest book, Devious Tactics. 

Sami, an ambitious journalist, sneaks on board a yacht belonging to millionaire ex-fighter pilot, Jet Whitely.  He is rumoured to be a ruthless drug baron and Sami is determined to find evidence to prove it.  But when Jet catches her snooping in his kinky playroom she is faced with a decision that could put her life in danger.  He gives her a choice.  He either calls the police and she can explain to them what she was doing there or she can be spanked as punishment.  Any sane person would surely opt for the police, but Sami is torn.  This could be her chance to find her evidence, but that’s not the only reason she is tempted.  Jet is a Dom, she’s a submissive and Sami recognises the firm authority oozing from him and is deeply drawn to him despite the potential danger.  When Sami agrees to be spanked it leads to more than she could ever have imagined and when she finds herself locked in the dungeon with no escape, it finally dawns on her how stupid she’s been. 

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I won’t spoil it by telling you what happens, but it’s a good example of how easy it is to fall for someone you know you shouldn’t.  Whether Jet really is bad or not, you’ll have to see, but I will tell you that Sami soon learns that it’s not wise to put herself in a vulnerable position by agreeing to be tied up by a stranger.

This story has a happy ending, but not all do so I’ll end with a question.  Would you trust a bad guy or would you run a mile? 

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