Author Kierney Scott celebrates the release of her new book- Now You See Me- by telling us a little bit about the woman behind the novels. 

Kierney Scott

Kierney Scott

I dedicate all my books to my husband

My husband, Alistair, is the kindest, smartest, and most hardworking person I know. I’m so glad he picked me to be on his team for this game called life.

I’m teetotal

My husband and I don’t drink alcohol, but people always assume I do, because I’m the first person to hit the dance floor.

I love to sing 

I will always say yes to karaoke. Show tunes are my favourite but I am also partial to power ballads. I also give treadmill concerts when I work out because when the spirit says sing…

I love decorating for Halloween and Christmas and every other holiday on the calendar.  

September first my Halloween decorations go up. I have a full graveyard complete with a massive gargoyle.  As soon as my Halloween decorations come down my Christmas ones go up. Every year I promise my husband I’m not going to buy any more decorations. It’s a little game we play because we both know, I’m not going to stop until my Christmas village has as many inhabitants as the city of Edinburgh.

I do Crossfit with my daughter

I know, I know, I know – CrossFit is the Scientology of the fitness industry (I’ve seen all the memes) but honest to goodness it is the best workout and the ethos is amazing. Our coach, Rachel, is brilliant. She makes it fun and it has given my daughter such a positive attitude about her health and wellbeing. In our house, the talk is always about how strong our bodies are.  

Great Chocolate Challenge

My family’s goal is to determine which country produces the best chocolate. In every country we visit, our first stop is a supermarket to try local chocolate. So far Finland is in the lead with Fazer. The worst chocolate is a tie between Estonia and Indonesia. We have decided the colder the country, the better the chocolate. Warmer countries tend to have waxy chocolate. I’m looking at you Oman.

I love Trivia

General knowledge or obscure factoids, I love it all. My proudest moment in life was when my team was asked to not return to the quiz on a cruise so other people could have a chance. Our secret weapon is my father in law. Since he has retired all he does is golf and watch quiz shows.  

My fantasy job is hostage negotiator

I would undoubtedly be horrible at it and get myself and everyone else killed but I am none the less fascinated by hostage negations.

I’m irrationally scared of zombies.

Last year I thought that I had developed a panic disorder. I was anxious and on edge. I jumped at the slightest thing. I ended up screaming down the house when the postman put his hand through the letter box. I told my husband I thought I needed medication. He in his infinite wisdom suggested I stop watching The Walking Dead and then see. He was right, I simply cannot handle watching anything with zombies no matter how compelling or well written. Zombies terrify me. They are the perfect metaphor for everything that is wrong with humanity. 

Every night my daughter and I talk about what we struggled with that day and what brought us joy.

We embrace the struggle at our house because that is where growth happens. Things should be difficult, that makes you work harder.

And life should be joyful. That is the whole point!

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