Being at home has got me thinking. With my noise cancelling headphones permanently switched on to avoid the loud meetings and telephone calls about the house, I have found myself hunkering down to writing with a difference during these lockdown times.

The Rescue

The Rescue

As I have tended my newly planted herb potted garden, to make a start at growing my own, so too my characters are adopting a more cottage-industry style way of life where creativity and ingenuity makes for change that is both enlightening and rewarding.

I decided to write a post Covid-19 adaptation of my prizewinning tale from ‘The Westgate Literary Festival’ last year, named The Rescue. My novella, is newly released and tells how the arrival of a yacht named Madeline to the shores of Westgate-on-Sea marks a turning point in the lives of a visual artist, a mechanic, a Syrian refugee and a fiddle player musician who loves to play Classical, Klezmer and Scottish and Manx Folk Music! I love to share my love of music in my books, inspired by songs and tunes that many people may recognise from their childhoods and family heritage.

Since I have not been able to sail during lockdown, I have found myself quite naturally writing about sailing thus the book has provided great solace. Heartwarming tales of discovery, filled with joy and hope have been a comfort to me as I write and my readers have sent me lovely messages happy to escape into the world of a novella during our shared quarantine times.

The book is my second published novella. The first, The Cellist’s Notebook, was published in January this year. As a strong advocate for encouraging and supporting the teaching of music to children from a young age, I myself am a cello teacher. Happily, during lockdown, I have been able to continue my cello tuition and music teaching online. It has been lovely to keep in touch with my learners and to continue to enjoy playing music together.

The Rescue and The Cellist’s Notebook are available as ebooks and paperback from Amazon and many other retail outlets.

Please enter my monthly book competition for the most creative photograph taken with either one of my novella books for the chance of winning a gift voucher! Enter at my Kittie Lambton Writer Facebook page or through twitter or instagram @kittielambton!

If you would like to learn this beautiful instrument, or have someone who would welcome continuing their cello, piano and music theory lessons online, please do get in touch, I would love to hear from you! @kittielambton Kittie Lambton Writer Facebook page

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