I start my working day with my third cup of tea (yes, really – I chain-drink it!) at 9am. I have two precious days a week writing when my eldest kid is at school and my little one is in nursery, and so I treat those days like I'm some kind of a drill sergeant.

The Prank

The Prank

I'll firstly log into social media and engage with the wonderful writing community on Twitter and then I'll post something on Insta too – at the moment I am reposting some lovely reviews on my debut psychological thriller, The Prank, but I then have to put blinkers on, because, oh my gosh, the bookstagram community have parted me with so much money with all their amazing recommendations and I've been buying so many books!

After about forty-five minutes, I'll switch off and actually write creatively. At the moment, I'm waiting for edits on Mirror, Mirror which is my second book coming next year, and I'm giving book 3 a rest (or, more accurately, giving myself a break from it because it's driving me barmy), and so, for the first time in a whole year, I'm writing something completely new and that feels great. I used to write to music but I've found it leads my writing in all sorts of ways I didn't want it to depending on the song, so now I have to write in silence which is so boring!

I'm most productive between the hours of 9.30-12 and I'd urge anyone writing to spend some time recording when their best hours are – I've learnt the importance to fully appreciate my brain's engagement because it means I can clear out my diary and focus on just writing during the most fruitful hours.

Like most people, my husband is working from home too, so we'll stop for a quick coffee together at around 11 (more accurately, I'll text him and he'll bring one up for me because he's a legend) and then at 12.30ish, I'll make us lunch. I have to be so careful at this time not to dive into social media again because it's SO easy to fall down a rabbit hole and get distracted by things like watching someone making chocolate cheesecake pasta – how is that a thing? - and then before I know it, it's time to pick up my oldest from school. So I try and write again at 1.30 to 2.45 before it's game over for the day.

‘The Prank’ by LV Matthews (Welbeck, £8.99.)

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