Light Between the Shadows

Light Between the Shadows

Light Between the Shadows is a collection of short inspirational and, hopefully, thought provoking verses, covering many issues and emotions we are faced with daily.



How has your previous work encouraged you to share your reflection on life with others?


As I have always been interested in a holistic approach when it comes to general health and wellbeing, I was interested to find out more about how our increased stressful lifestyles can impact our health. One area I was particularly interested in was Dr. Edward Bach’s philosophy to use flower remedies to help alleviate the burden and suffering of certain negative emotions and personality traits. I decided to train as a practitioner in Bach Flower Remedies at the centre he set up many years ago in Oxford. My keen interest gave me the inspiration and understanding to reach out and if at all possible, help others during challenging times.



Why did you want to inspire people on topics such as divorce and friendship in this book?


It has troubled me to see so many people having to frequently suffer pain and anguish during stressful periods in their life. I felt compelled to share my thoughts with the intention to give comfort to others in their time of need; so decided to write this book.



How can your book help people through difficult times?


I wanted to share my thoughts, and give a virtual hug to all who are facing difficult times. Life can be full of challenges and cloud our views, obscuring the smooth path ahead. When we find ourselves faced with life’s challenges such as these, it can become all-consuming. During these dark hours, it is difficult to see how happiness can ever return. However, through every dark cloud, light will shine, and so I hope this book will provide some support during these difficult times.



How much have you put your own personal experiences in the book?


Some of the verses are based on personal experience; others are gathered from people I have met over the years.



You have met many people along your personal journey, who has had the greatest influence on you?


I cannot say there has been one individual who has influenced me. There have been many people who have made an impact on me over the years, from both a positive and negative perspective.



Why is it important to enjoy the peaceful moments in your life?


It is so important to allow ourselves time to rest, relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. This gives us the precious time we need to recharge our batteries, to face the days ahead. Then we are able to relax enough to open our hearts and cherish each and every valuable moment. 




Why should we all embrace the laughter and the fun of life?


Laughter is such an important part of our lives. The more laughter in our lives, the more we shine both internally and externally. Make a promise to yourself that each day you are going to encourage some fun into your life. It doesn’t matter if you are working on a supermarket checkout or are an airline pilot; there will be those special moments to embrace, capture and share a little fun and laughter with someone each day. Remember by doing this you may well have helped someone else in need.



How important is acceptance in times of sorrow and sadness?


It is important to recognise we are all faced with both positive and negative situations daily. We should accept the unhappy, stressful periods, which will make us stronger and help us grow.



What is next for you?


I already have scribbled notes for my next book, which is completely different. The target audience will be children and be based on a number of amusing characters that will have many adventures; this should appeal to the younger generation



Why did you write the book?


I felt compelled to write these verses with the hope they will be used as a companion along the pathway of life; giving support during both the joyful and more challenging times. My hope is they will allow the readers mind to explore an alternative perspective through troubled times, drawing comfort in knowing they are not alone when facing these issues. If after reading this book their pain and anguish has slightly eased, then my mission has been accomplished.






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