Being taken from our established routine can provide an enriching field for discovery. Why not try something new? Why not, if forced into some degree of isolation, allow our imagination room to play and experiment? Creativity can be our salve to the challenges and fears surrounding the current crisis. Being involved in any form of creative expression, through writing, performance, and the arts and crafts provides a way of spending time that is pleasurable and provides a sense of achievement and satisfaction. We are distracted from our worries and this might include boredom for some people.

The Creative Seed

The Creative Seed

Creativity is also our unique way of expressing ourselves, so through art, music, writing and crafting we are nourishing our emotional and mental health. For many it is our way of making sense and responding to the world and sharing our response with others. Even the wonderful people who are providing essential services for our communities and who may not have a lot of spare time, creative expression can provide an important way to de-stress, express how they are feeling and hopefully find some enjoyment too. Of course, I’m not saying that creativity doesn’t also have its challenges. Many of us are filled with self-doubt around our ability to be creative.

But What If You Think You’re Not Creative?

This is such a common myth. People forget that they are already creative in their everyday lives. Whether they are working out a new recipe for dinner, planning how to construct a flower bed or how to conduct meetings whilst isolated. We continually use problem solving skills and draw on our unique qualities such as imagination and determination to manage different parts of our life and thus we can all develop our creativity in new ways. I think one of crucial things when starting a new creative endeavour is to allow ourselves to be a beginner and that means accepting that things take time and what we first produce may sound/look raw or naive. But by continuing, practicing and often being playful we improve and evolve.

Lilian’s Top Tips on Being Creative Right Now:

● Quieten the voice inside your head that says you’re not creative or good enough. Be kinder to yourself!

● Don’t know what creative realm you’d like to explore? Now is a good time to try out some different things. Think about what you enjoyed growing up or any creative areas that niggle your attention? Drawing, writing, crafting, singing…and so much more.

● Be open and curious! Ask yourself what’s the first/next step you need to make in your creative journey? Write down some ideas.

● If feeling stuck, just play as if no one is listening or watching, even for just 10 minutes. Let go of self-judgement.

● If you are a beginner, then let yourself be a beginner and make ‘mistakes’. It takes time to develop in any creative area.

● Find a creative play buddy to chat with on the phone or internet and share what you are doing. Encourage each other!

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