I’ve been a writer in various genres under different names. Davonte’s Inferno: Ten Years in the New York Public School Gulag (https://amzn.to/2MxsMaO) was my no-holds-barred, scathing critique of fear and loathing in public education today. I should know—I taught in the South Bronx and survived to tell about it. Barely.

Sweet Salvation

Sweet Salvation

Left to deal with the physical and emotional wreck I’d become from that grueling experience—Ben and Jerry were the only men on my sofa—in my late fifties I transformed myself from drab to fab, rut to strut and shot to hot! I began blogging under the name “Mrs. Hot” about my makeover and ensuing dating adventures, culminating in my recent Amazon #1 bestselling book, The Book of Hot: A Manifesto (https://amzn.to/35UaFU8), in which I inspire, empower and entertain women on their own personal Mission: Possible. Because sixty is the new forty, or even thirty! My quarter of a million Facebook followers agree. http://www.MrsHot.com.

I’ve either been asked to leave, or formally kicked out of three different countries. No, I’m not saying which ones. Stand by for my memoir tell-all Foreign Affairs: A Broad that I’m currently working on.

My sexy, debut contemporary romance series—NASTY HABITS by Lily Miles—takes place in that most unconventional of convents, the Convent of the Blessed Virgin. That’s where a flock of young, innocent nuns tests the limits of faith and desire. Meanwhile, their evil mother superior tests the limits of power and sadism. But in this holy war, who is sinner and who is saint? I hope you’ll join the passionate, scandalous suspense. The Kingdom of Heaven just might be beneath somebody’s robes! In fact, I’m downright certain it is!

I’m delighted to be writing romance now. Considering romance flows through my veins, it may as well flow from my pen! But of all my romances, glamorous, exciting New York City has been the one constant lover in my life—ever since the age of eight, when I saw Breakfast At Tiffany’s and declared, “That’s for me!”

New York and I have been in a relationship for over forty years. When I die, it’s my heartfelt wish to have a Viking funeral in Central Park!

I’m passionate about learning, travel and exploration of any kind—I live for adventure. I’ve explored the planet from Easter Island to the Ice Hotel in the Arctic. Closer to home, you’ll find me going inward in a shamanic healing session, or going outward perfecting my shimmy in a bellydance class. Learning and new experiences not only make life worth living, they keep Alzheimers at bay. Because dementia, darlings, is so not hot!

We shouldn’t have a chronological age—we should have a vitality number! Personally, mine is 20, and I vibrate that number to the max—considering how I’m married to a gorgeous man thirty-five years younger! Because I believe in living life at full tilt, without boundaries and without apology. Why exist an existence, when you can live a life?

Lily Miles is the author of Sweet Salvation, Book One of the Nasty Habits series, available now on Amazon. https://amzn.to/2MAbYi0 Her website is https://www.lilymilesromance.com