They say that desperation is the mother of all…well, bizarre schemes.

Salacious Sale

Salacious Sale

Sometimes, people get so desperate they start hatching wild plots, in both love and business. Ask any entrepreneur and question every impulsive lover. I’m sure they’ve all run into naysayers. Critics who think they’re crazy for contemplating the gamble, those who prophesy doom and gloom, while others simply shake their heads and hold their tongues, certain the worst will come to pass, yet also knowing they can’t stop it.

But some of those bizarre schemes may actually turn out to be a brilliant idea. I mean, sure, both businesses and relationships fail all the time, but yours is the only one that matters, right? Will you fail? You won’t know until you try… And what if you don’t fail? What if your venture is a wild success and all the naysayers were wrong?

I’ve decided to open a bookstore. Stop rolling your eyes, I do know how many people are reading digital formats these days. I’ve heard every argument against this idea and I’ve even argued with myself—not just the host of naysayers in my life. I’ve come up with an idea that I’m excited about and it’s getting attention from financiers willing to put their funds behind me. I know I can make my bookstore a success by offering print, digital and audio formats, spotlighting independent authors, creating community-focused events, inviting guest speakers, hosting books clubs, authors groups, demonstrations—I have a hundred ideas for entertainment. I plan to implement a library feature where, for a monthly fee, a customer can come in and read while enjoying a cup of tea, coffee or wine.

Yes, I’ll have wine.

And a huge romance section. Naturally.

I’ve got ideas and the will to execute them. I’ve heard all the negatives, but I know my plan will succeed, because I won’t let it fail. Neither will Olivia Raines—she’ll save her business at any cost.

Olivia is the main character in Salacious Sale, the third novella in The Double O Saga. The Double O ranch is in its final days, as the last O’Neal who cares for the land has suffered a stroke. His grandson, Cody, is only in town to tie up loose ends and find a buyer for the family’s legacy. Olivia owns the ranch next door.

A massive amount of debt was revealed after Olivia’s father died and she had to think outside the box to make ends meet. Ignoring the naysayers, she turned her cattle operation into a Dude Ranch-style bed and breakfast. If Cody O’Neal sells the Double O to any of the oil companies offering a price she simply can’t compete with, her operation will be severally impacted.

Adding to her burden, the town’s mayor is trying to win votes by claiming the water rights to the stream that runs through the Raines Ranch and the Double O. (If you read the first story, Outrageous Offer, you’ve heard of this creek before). Rather than repair the water treatment facility, the mayor has set his hopes on simply supplying the town with water from the relatively unpolluted stream Olivia needs for her business.

She’s determined to fight with everything she’s got—with anything she’s got. Even if that means seducing Cody into a bargain that’s only in her own interests… Unless she, and Cody’s grandfather, can teach the heir apparent to love the land his family’s poured their blood, sweat and tears into. Unless he can learn to love the Double O…or, maybe, fall in love with Olivia…

Fortunately, love is the only thing the O’Neals have ever done right.

Salacious Sale

She has no choice but to put it all on the line…

Olivia Raines is trying to make her ranch a commercial success, but the odds—and the town mayor—are against her. Her elderly neighbor is in poor health, so she turns to his grandson for help, determined to use everything at her disposal, risking even her heart, to get the security she needs.

With his grandfather’s medical bills piling up, Creek Bend’s mayor demanding their water rights and Big Oil offering cash on the barrelhead, Cody O’Neal admits that the sale of the Double O seems inevitable.

He has to decide which is worth more—riches, after generations of struggling for prosperity, or love, the only thing the O’Neals have ever gotten right.


Lola White

Delve into the emotions, dive into the erotic.

An extensive traveler who loves to incorporate various legends from around the world into her tales, author Lola White likes to twist reality at its edges in her stories. She likes delving into the emotions of her characters, finding their strengths and weaknesses, and seeing (and showing) how they get themselves out of whatever trouble has found them—if they can.

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