Lucy Crane speaks to Female First
Lucy Crane speaks to Female First

Lucy Crane - coach, NLP practitioner, entrepreneur and theta healer – launched a hugely successful book, There She Glows, with her soul sister Stacey Knight Jones and 17 female collaborators to tell their stories and journeys which topped a variety of book categories on Amazon just a few hours after it was released.

Crane is also a leader of Glow Society alongside Knight Jones which aims to help women find their calling, break free from their lives and realise their full potential.

Despite starting out in a career in teaching, Crane knew this wasn’t the path for her when she felt she was only living for the weekend and had no spare time for herself or her family.

After a spell in network marketing, the 32-year-old found coaching and eventually tried a multitude of modalities before creating Glow Society.

Crane gave her advice to women who are looking to follow their dreams, revealed why her and Knight Jones instantly connected and explained more about what Glow Society is and what to expect from the book There She Glows.

Why did you want to go into teaching in the first place and when did you know that it wasn’t the right career for you?

I was a teacher for about six years, so I was one of those people that went straight from school into university, I even did a Masters in Education because I was always one of those people that wanted to better myself. But I think when I look back now, I actually think I had a lot of self-worth issues because it was never enough, where I was it was never enough, I wanted to do the next qualification and then the next thing to kind of validate that I was good enough. It’s a really weird thing.

Teaching is something that I loved and there’s so many elements of education that I love about it – I didn’t love the politics that came with it and the long working hours and I remember feeling every week wishing my life away for the weekends, every morning on my drive to work when the sun was shining and the sky was blue wishing I could just sit and have a coffee in my back garden.

It was the little things that meant the big things for me. I didn’t get to see my nephews or nieces and I think it was that lack of time and ultimately it was because it was making me live a life that wasn’t aligned to my values and family is one of my highest values, freedom is one of my highest values and I just had this internal nudge that I know I’m meant for more and I know I’ve got the work ethic to do more and I’ve got the passion to help people – but how that looks I’ve got no idea.

I actually started network marketing and it’s funny because network marketing kind of found me and it was great to start with, it allowed me to leave my teaching career, it allowed me to build my confidence, build my personal development, leave my job. But it was only after years of doing it that I realised how it wasn’t aligned for me again, the whole selling products.

As much as it works for other people it just wasn’t me, it wasn’t coming from the heart, it felt quite forced. So that’s when I made the decision that I need to go out there on my own and I think by such a journey of growth with the network marketing I was ready to go out there and cope and it seemed the first logical step for me really.

Then you reskilled and now you’re a soul aligned business alchemist, NLP practitioner, theta healer and coach, but what do these roles entail?

I would say in my 11 years of being online I’ve pivoted hugely with the modalities, with the courses I’ve run, with the different training things I’ve done, to really find where I want to be.

Actually, what I found I want to be is a little bit of everything which is what Glow (Society) is as a company now, there are elements of NLP because it supports women with their mindset, I love elements of the healing and spiritual work because it’s been such a part of my own journey.

I think it’s been as I’ve evolved and experienced things, I want to give that to other women. Glow Society is the company that brings everything that I’ve been through and experienced and I want to bring to the world to other people, it’s a little bit of everything that I think she needs because I needed it.

When did you team up with Stacey Knight Jones and did you immediately connect and know you needed to work together?

It’s funny because when you come into the online world you meet people who become lifelong friends and you haven’t even met them in person. It’s a real, weird, bizarre thing.

Stacey was somebody that was very aligned to who I am, we share the same values, every conversation we’d have we’d realise how much we have in common and how many similarities we’ve had on our journey. It was a little while into Glow before me and Stacey really started working together and I think again it was for my confidence I felt like I needed to do this on my own but what I found was I wasn’t really feeling it on my own.

I love working in collaboration and I feel like together now we can have much more of an impact because we bring our different skillsets and something we talk about with the both of us is she’s much more of the feminine side of energy work and me more the masculine side, the strategy side, so together it brings the Ying and the Yang of life and business mastery.

It kind of happened organically, it literally was a conversation of you know what let’s do this together, we’ve got the same vision, we want to help women in the same way, we’re very aligned, we value the same things, let’s do it – and that’s kind of how it evolved, and we talk everyday now, like all the time every day.

How did Glow Society come about?

It came about because I got to a stage where I was getting coaching, I was getting really fed up with people telling me to fit into a box and when I say fit into a box, they were telling me: “You need to be a specific coach for a specific niche and do one thing.” And it just didn’t feel good for me because there were different elements of different things that I wanted to do and bring to the world. I made the decision that I wanted to create a company brand that wasn’t Lucy Crane per say but it was a company that would allow me to expand and spread my wings and bring everything I love and would be supportive for my ideal client into it. So that’s what I did.

Where the name Glow Society came from, I think it was after meditation one morning actually and I just thought I want to glow up the world, I want her to feel worthy, I want her to feel enough, I want her to feel confident to shine her light and I was like glow works. I don’t know if it makes sense to others, but it really makes sense to me!

I just made the decision, got it trademarked and I would still say even now as a company we are pivoting with the times and bringing new things in, and I think that does allow you as an entrepreneur when you’ve got a business and a company rather than just an individual it allows you to spread your wings with different products and services and things.

You and Stacey Knight Jones have written a book called There She Glows with 17 other women collaborators, but what was the inspiration to make you want to take on this project?

I’ll take you back to the beginning, so when I didn’t really have a business online because my journey by the way, even though I’ve been online for the last 11 years, the amount of years that I failed compared to succeeding is far more and my journey is definitely like that.

It was at a time when I didn’t really have an online business, I was very confused with what I should be doing and what my value was and who I should be. I was approached to be part of a collaboration book and I said yes without having any ideas or knowing what the hell I was going to write about, but I knew I wanted to share my message and inspire someone in some way. I actually became part of a collaboration and by the end of that process I had my business up and running and it just gave me such a feeling of self-worth and confidence that I thought I want to do this for other women.

Becoming an author there’s so many amazing things about it but there’s also the journey that you go through and sharing that experience with others. I actually did the first volume of There She Glows, that launched last November and another reason why Stacey came into the business is she was one of the authors of that first collaboration book. We’d built a solid relationship through that as well and it worked beautifully and after the impact it had on other women from the first book, I was like there has to be a second volume and I think that got filled within about 10 days of the first one launching.

It’s been such a beautiful experience, so we are doing a third book with a different title, a different feel, but again it’s just giving women the opportunity to really join the dots and see their worth and grow in confidence and share their story really. It means a lot because I know what it meant for me.

Just a few hours after release the book went straight to the top of a number of book categories on Amazon, so how did that feel?

It makes me feel emotional even just reflecting on it. It’s such a moment because it’s not about me in the moment honestly, it’s not. I’ve lived and breathed that moment myself, it’s about them and watching the authors express what it means to them for me is what this whole thing is about, the confidence it brings them, it was wonderful. It felt liberating for them because I knew exactly how they felt, and it reminded me why I’m doing what I’m doing I suppose.

What is next for you?

We have a coaching certification that we run at the moment, so we certify women who want to become coaches because ultimately that was my first step into the online world. But something we’re really passionate about is bringing a membership into the world to support women in really living their purpose, whatever that looks like for them.

The reason we want to go down the membership route is because the women don’t necessarily have a lot of money to invest thousands of pounds right now, but they’ve got a calling and we just feel with a membership environment we can ultimately bring them what they need for the price of a membership. That’s our next step and it’s happening September time as well as relaunching the coaching certification so it’s busy times.

What one piece of advice would you give to women who want to chase their dreams and live to their full potential but don’t know what to do or where to start?

There’s so much I could say honestly but if I could give you anything to take away is you only get one chance in this life and it’s never ever too late to be who you might have been and follow that dream, follow that calling and know that if you have that inner nudge that you’re meant to be doing more and you’re here for more, follow it, because so many people ignore it and they end up with so much resentment and unhappiness and I know if you can do those things everything else will fall into place. But it’s just taking it one step at a time and following that calling.

Words by Lucy Roberts for Female First, who you can follow on Twitter, @Lucy_Roberts_72.

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