Lucy Dickens has released her new book, The Broken Hearts Honeymoon
Lucy Dickens has released her new book, The Broken Hearts Honeymoon

To celebrate the release of her new book The Broken Hearts Honeymoon, we asked author Lucy Dickens to write us an exclusive piece, letting readers in on seven things she wants them all to know about her!

Here's what she had to say...

1. I live by the sea, and this year I’ve pledged to try and make more of it by taking morning swims and hiring paddle boards when I can. Or when it’s calm (I’m not that brave quite yet). It can be very cold, sometimes, but watching the skies change from pink to yellow to blue as the sun’s rising makes it worth it, and it’s a lush way to start the day and clear the mind ready to get down to writing.

2. Speaking of the beach, one of my favourite things to do is travel. One place I have a lot of love for is California. If I’m having a rough day, one of my ‘happy places’ is to imagine myself back in Malibu at the Paradise Cove Beach Café, sipping on a creamy morning coffee, my feet in the sand, and listening to the Pacific Ocean waves lapping.

3. My favourite TV show is, and probably always will be, Friends. I (sorry, we, my husband and I) came first during a Friends trivia night on a cruise ship once, and it might be my greatest achievement. Could I BE any more obsessed? And yes, I’ll be watching the reunion as my The Broken Hearts Honeymoon publication day treat.

4. One day I’m going to write for TV, or pen a screenplay. I’m not sure which yet, but it’s a goal of mine so watch this space!

5. Another thing I want to try one day is voiceover work – it really interests me, though I don’t think I have a nice enough voice for audiobooks! I’ve always thought it would be so fun to voice a cartoon character, though.

6. I have a very large Bernese Mountain Dog who is such a hoot. He’s always smiling (unless he’s had to walk in the rain) and he thinks he’s a lot smaller than he really is, especially when he sits on you.

7. I write best under a tight deadline. Although I like to ideally ruminate on a story for a while, slowly meeting the characters and figuring out their journey in my head, once I get started with the actual writing, I tend to work on it solidly for a few weeks and then come up for air.

The Broken Hearts Honeymoon by Lucy Dickens is out now!

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