Upon the release of his debut book, Knowledge: The Root of All Happiness, M. A. Risso shares his Top 10 Tips for Living a Happier Life:

M.A. Risso

M.A. Risso

Love and Respect Yourself

Many of our problems in life arise because we do not have sufficient love and respect for ourselves. Loving yourself is not about being selfish and putting your own interests above others, it is about recognising you are as valuable as anyone else and you deserve to be happy. Remember, if you do not respect yourself, you cannot truly respect others.

Choose Your Friends Wisely

Not all your friends will enable you to grow as a person; therefore, be careful about who you let into your life. Negative thoughts and actions can be contagious, so try to manage your exposure to negative people. Invite positive people into your life.

The Goal of Life is to be Happy and Not to Own Material Things

In the daily struggle to be happy, we often forget that this our objective in life. Although material things can give us a great deal of happiness, they are not the goal in themselves. Regardless of your financial situation, always remember that it is your attitude to life that is the key to happiness.

Keep Life Simple

Modern life can sometimes feel overwhelmingly complicated, but this is something you have control over. The more things we own, the more complicated our lives become trying to maintain them. By keeping life simple, you will allow yourself more time to enjoy those things that make you truly happy.

Eat a Healthy Balanced Diet

We are what we eat. The food we eat not only affects our physical health, but it also affects our mental wellbeing. Take time to understand what constitutes a healthy balanced diet, and then implement that diet into your lifestyle. Avoid fad diets for short term goals… think long term!

Manage Your Finances

Being in debt is a sure way to make a person unhappy. Therefore, regardless of your financial situation, try to avoid debt and live within your means.

Be Giving of Yourself to Others

Don’t get too caught up in yourself. Your life should be a healthy balance of making both yourself and others happy. No person is an island; therefore, giving yourself to others is crucial for your own happiness.

Make Time to Enjoy the Simple Things in Life

It is not the grand and expensive gestures that make us truly happy in life, but the simple things. Make regular time to enjoy the simple pleasures, such as having a meal with friends and family, going for a walk in nature or enjoying your favourite hobby.

Live Life in the Present

We can become so preoccupied with thinking about the future or dwelling on the past, that we often forget to live in the present. Of course, we should all try to prepare for the future and learn from our past, but always remember to make the most of life now and don’t let life pass you by.

Focus on the Positive

Although life can be tough, there is so much good in the world. Remember, our lives are shaped by our minds, so focus on the positive and be happy.

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