When I was about four or five, it was fishing day at the local park. It had several little ponds with fish. It was a family event. One kid decided to do some fly-style fishing as I walked by. He hooked my cheek instead of a fish that day. I still have the scar, but it looks like a dimple when I small smile.

Melissa Blue

Melissa Blue

My grandmother has had the same phone number for the last forty or so years. Why should readers know that about me? It’s a quirky detail that sheds light on who I am, because I have no idea what her number is. My mother who has been divorced to my father for close to twenty years can still remember that number.

My very first story was about a ghost town. It was eighteen pages long with illustrations. I was in the second grade. You had to read your story to the class. I have no doubt my teacher Ms. Walker remembers me not so fondly because of this.

I sprained my left foot trying not to fall on my dog. I was cooking in the kitchen. Of course he was there hoping for fallen food. I turned to put something on the table. He was right there on my heels. It was the perfect storm for fumbling to not kill my dog in a kitchen accident. I was out of commission for six weeks the sprain was so bad.

When I was two I had an accident and knocked out all my baby teeth. So until I was about seven or eight, I’d always sing for the holidays all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. I totally meant it. So even though I have a huge love of podcasts, I doubt I’ll ever start one because I have a bit of trouble pronouncing words. Words you need your two front teeth to say.

I was nineteen when I wrote my first romance novel. It was a romantic suspense magical realism women’s fiction contemporary. It was terrible.

The first time I saw Buffy I was sure everyone my age and every adult who loved the show were out of their mind. I had heard nothing but raving about the show. Mind you this was while it was still on air. What I knew about the show was that it had vampires, a young girl and that it was awesome. I decided to give it a try when nothing else seemed interesting on TV. I had missed about twenty minutes but figured so what? There was Buffy in the middle of the street singing about fire that freezes her. I lasted about thirty seconds.

My real name—first middle and last—all have seven letters each.

I may be the only person, especially a self-identified geek, who doesn’t love Star Trek or Star Wars. I think I missed the fandom boat on both of those franchises.

At least once a year I watch the Back to the Future trilogy. This is how I know we are for sure stuck in Biff’s timeline.