MIss Predictable

MIss Predictable

To tie in with my new release Miss Predictable with Totally Bound Publishing, I thought I’d talk about why I set my book in Las Vegas.

Miss Predictable is a paranormal romance novella set in the current time period in Las Vegas in America.

The short premise is Greek Gods have settled in Las Vegas, the city that never stops partying. But when you have powerful Gods and supernatural creatures living amongst human’s life gets complicated. And that’s the story of my heroine, Cassandra Troy. She’s just looking for her runaway fortune-telling mother. She never expected to deal with vengeful Gods, Demi-Gods, powers, strange accidents and the God, Hermes, possible love of her life.

As a little girl I remember reading books for school about Greek mythology. Something about these dominating entities locked in battle for love and power hooked me.

As I grew older my fascination for mythology spilled into everything supernatural. Fangs, fur, cackling witches, the cursed, the gifted, travelling blue time machines, anything paranormal—except for zombies…shudder—drew me.

So it was a natural progression when I started writing that my books would have a paranormal/supernatural element.

My characters tend to be strong-willed, smart-mouthed and hardly ever do what they’re told. My heroines don’t want to be rescued. In fact they’re more likely to rescue someone else, namely the hero.

My novella, Miss Predictable, was written a while ago but put aside. Then out of the blue I decided to play with more ideas and came up with the series Mythbehaving, but where do I set it?

Where could I have Gods and Goddesses and all manner of supernatural characters go to kick up their heels. I wanted magic and power and love and intrigue. Where could this elusive place be?

I made a wish list of every country and place I wanted to visit. Top of that list was Las Vegas. In my mind, (although I’ve never been there) Vegas was all that glittered. Excess, gluttony, lust and all my favorite sins were represented.

I wanted a powerful setting that mirrored my characters. Petty, indulgent, magic, glittering, glamorous, larger than life. Vegas was my characters. But to be fair I looked at other locales. I considered Greece, Paris, London, Rome and Moscow, Boston and New York but nothing suited. Nothing fired my imagination enough to continue the series. So I went back to Vegas, my first choice. I trolled through numerous internet sites and books just looking for inspiration. And there she was in all her over-the-top-glamorous, slightly seedy and sometimes downright gaudy Las Vegas self.

Vegas equaled my characters. Plenty of flaws, but still the occasional redeeming feature. From the MGM Grand to the Bellagio, The Luxor to Caesars. I wanted fantasy and excess and Vegas gave me that. My sometimes crazy, dangerous, petty and powerful Greek Gods fitted in beautifully.

So mortals be wary, it’s as easy to kill, as it is to fall in love for an eternity…

Viva Las Vegas!

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