Miss Prince

Miss Prince

  • Miss Prince by Alicia L. Wright is a book aimed at young adults but having said that I’m quite a bit older and I absolutely loved it!

    Lucinda wants to meet up with friends in America and needs to find a part time job to pay for it. She responds to an ad – young person wanted –general assistant. To her amazement she gets the job and is given a prince’s outfit and told to get her hair cut short. Her new boss decides to give her a few tests to see if Lucinda is suitable for the job.  She is lead down a corridor full of doors and told her first job is to fight a dragon!

    This is just the start of the adventure for Lucinda, as behind every door there is a different story waiting to happen.  Soon her ordinary, modern day life is to become entangled with fairy tale creatures such as, kings, mermaids, fairies, vampires and so much more.

    Everything you thought you knew about fairy tale creatures is turned on its head as they are re-vamped with attitude and at times with wonderful sarcasm

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next. It was quite fast paced and exiting from start to finish. I particularly loved the humour which was consistent all the way through and had me smiling as I read it.

    In general Miss Prince is a very good read.

    Sue Lamb

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