I love music

While in University I was a DJ at the campus radio station. Popular music always appealed to me even though I was raised on the classics.  I played the piano from four years old and later the French horn. I played my French horn in marching bands and concert bands. Today my preference is light jazz, but I still enjoy a concert or two from aging rockers.

Neil Anthes

Neil Anthes

I come from a large family

I was raised with four sisters so when the women’s lib movement arrived I had already seen how women were always equal, and at times, better than men.  My oldest sister was the first woman to obtain her Master’s Degree in mathematics.

I enjoy cooking

The first dish I learned to cook was Mac and cheese.  I soon graduated to the BBQ where pork ribs are my favorite. I do more than that now, my Caesar salad is always in high demand. Some of my meat marinates are family favorites. I always cook with wine , more on that later.

I like animals

I have never owned a horse, only ridden one twice.  Each time the horse went under a tree branch only it would clear. I survived to tell the stories.  I’ve never had a dog, but  I like well behaved dogs.   I prefer household cats. However, wild African cats are a thrill to watch as are all wild animals from grizzly bears to colorful birds.

I’ve had more than one job

My first job was collecting tickets on a merry-go-round at a summer fair. I was 10 years old. There were no child labor laws then. When I finished school, my shortest job was for 5 days as a head hunter in downtown Toronto, Canada. I worked in several industries over the years including real estate, advertising and retail sales. I gave up a promising career in the music industry (selling pianos) to enter the medical supply field which I stayed in for 20 years.

I like travel

The longest flight I endured was 48 hours from Toronto to New Delhi. Air traffic controllers went on strike in Toronto 2 hours before our departure for New York. I then missed my flight to Heathrow and all the remaining connections.  I prefer my motor home now, I do not have to worry about making connections or fighting for the arm rest with the passenger in the next seat. I can pull over for a snack any time I wish.

I dislike paying rent

When I left school and started working, it seemed rent consumed a high percentage of my pay cheque. After completing a job that included rent, I couldn’t bear the thought of paying rent again. I bought my first home when I was 22 years old with the help of one of my sisters.

I like wine

I live in a wine growing area of western Canada. It attracts thousands of tourist year around.  The wine is award winning and varied. The summer temperatures are hot , ideal for wine making.  However, I  prefer Australian reds.

I enjoy photography

I got my first camera when I was 9 years old.  It was a box film camera.  I now photograph mostly nature with a digital SLR.  I enjoy creating abstract images and have published a photography book of these types of photographs.  I have also participate in gallery shows in central and western Canada.  I currently teach photography with my wife Mary.

I enjoy research

Contrary to Popular Belief required hours of research. It was like taking a journey through time stimulating my imagination.  I had the idea for the book but needed to learn much about the era it would be set in. I seemed to have re-lived several lifetimes writing the book. I was a wild ride.

Contrary to Popular Belief by Neil Anthes (published by Clink Street Publishing June 25th, 2017 in paperback RRP £8.99 and ebook RRP £4.99) will be available to purchase from online retailers including Amazon and to order from all good bookstores. For more information, please visit http://www.neilanthes.com.