author of the 'What's so Special about Dinosaurs?' series -

Nicky Dee

Nicky Dee

My childhood ambition was to become the 'Chief Taster' at Crisp the Walker's crisp factory! Sadly, an unrequited ambition, however I think my waistline has benefited from an alternative career choice.

Boarding school isn't for everyone but it was for me. A 10-year stint as a full-border gave us time to cement life-long friendships, and do a bit of studying on the side.

Born into a family of organisers it was a natural step for me to start up an event organising company. In 1999 I set up Progressive Events, which provided bespoke extravaganzas for companies with a desire for something different and a budget to match their epic expectations.

All change in 2009 as the opportunity arose to create an event on a unique plot of land on London's Oxford Street, aimed at a public audience. The space cried out for something extraordinary on a grand scale… enter the dinosaurs!

The recent recession had a lasting effect on the corporate events market and was partly responsible for my decision to change career, the other reason being that having hit 40 I needed to find a less physically stressful and demanding occupation to see me through to retirement. I took the opportunity to combine two ambitions, to write and to continue to indulge in my new-found passion for dinosaurs.

The word dinosaur never crossed my lips when I was a child, but today my seven-year obsession has led me to talk of nothing but these fascinating, larger than life creatures. My thirst for learning has been reignited, two decades after leaving full-time education, spurred on by the enquiring minds of primary aged children who always want to know more.

Current mission - to tell the world that T. rex wasn't the only dinosaur to have lived. New species are being discovered every week, so I intend to keep writing until I run out of steam or dinosaurs (did you know that over 1,000 have been discovered so far!)

First Bucket List completed before I turned 30 - full motor bike licence, bought a property in London, learnt to sky dive, set up my first business, saw the spectacular Northern Lights.

Second bucket list underway, ticked off so far - shark diving, bought a property abroad, become a published author… three years to go to tick of a PADI course, move out of London and add a Shih tzu to the family.

Reality check, the publishing world is massively weighted in favour of the big players and an uphill struggle as an independent author but with independence comes control, just the position I like to be in. The dinosaur book series is a long way off turning a profit but I do love a challenge and will keep going, spreading dinosaur-joy for as long as the books continue to sell.


Nicky Dee's passion for all things prehistoric developed whilst creating epic exhibitions centred around life-sized dinosaurs. Nicky Dee caught the dinosaur bug and now devotes her time to writing about dinosaurs and sharing her passion for these giant creatures. Her desire to give children the most up to date information in a fun and engaging way led to the creation of the series, which spans the 180 million years when dinosaurs ruled the world!

For more information, see: All the facts are checked by multiple Award Winning Palaeontologist Dean R. Lomax