I was a playwright before a novelist.

I started out writing plays and set up a theatre company called Aurora in Dublin in the nineties. In fact, I still write plays! Last year I put on a sell-out show in Edinburgh – Witches’ Gets- about witch trials in Norway in the 17th century, which brings me to ~

The Boatman's Wife

The Boatman's Wife

I am obsessed with the history of witch trials.

Ever since I was a history student, I’ve been drawn to these stories, and feel passionate about raising the lost voices of the persecuted. My interest intensified when I lived in Norway and travelled to the arctic, where I saw the location of one of the worst witch panics in Europe.

I feel most at home in the west of Ireland.

I’ve lived in lots of different places, but my heart belongs in the west of Ireland. It brings out the romantic in me! I didn’t grow up in Ireland (although my Mum is Irish) but nevertheless, it’s where I feel at home. It just goes to show where you belong might not be where you were born.

I grew up a servant.

My mother was an amazing woman. An independent single Mum, a dancer, who decided to give her two children the benefits of country life and got a job as a housekeeper. We grew up living on country estates or in beautiful houses but always as the servants. I believe it’s why I am a storyteller as I spent my childhood witnessing other families’ dramas unfold.

I found a sister and two brothers who did not know I existed.

Nearly ten years ago, my brother and I found our half-siblings from our father. It was and still is such a hugely positive bonus to our lives. We are suddenly part of a big family, and to have an older sister is so exciting!

I am a professional Tarot Reader.

I’ve been reading Tarot Cards since I was in my teens and for many years ran a stall in Blackrock Market in Ireland called Noelle de Mosa Tarot Readings. My approach to Tarot Card Reading is one of affirmation. I believe you are still in control of your own destiny – the cards are tools for self-awareness and act as guides.

I teach yoga and use it in my life as a writer.

I’ve been practicing yoga since I was a child. My interest in India and philosophy came from my very close relationship with my Uncle Amancio, a beautiful musician from Goa in India. In the last few years, I’ve done lots of training and now teach restorative, yin, meditation, and journaling. These practices are so helpful for me in my writing. Nurturing my body, helping me build focus, and breaking down negative thoughts and blocks. I also LOVE teaching yoga and holding space for others. Even teaching on Zoom can be so intimate and healing. 

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