Prepper fiction is almost non-fiction. Most prepper fiction (zombies aside) is based on events that could happen. Because of this, prepper fiction authors take a lot of heat for some of their theories. It’s still fiction though. It hasn’t happened – yet.

When the Pain is Gone

When the Pain is Gone

Not all prepper fiction authors are preppers. Prepper fiction is a very popular genre, with a devoted readership. Thus, authors can do some research and publish a book about it, even if they don’t “walk the walk”. Some live in big cities (not post-apocalyptic friendly at all), some in big modern houses (not EMP friendly), but some are out in the country, living a simpler life, doing the prepper thing. If you write a feasible story, the people will read it.

Prepper fiction isn’t just about storing food and water. Depending on where you live, keeping supplies could be as vital as having them. Many prepper fiction authors (okay, mostly the guys) go into details about weapons, ammo, gear, and such. While the stockpiles are important, being able to keep them is as well.

Prepper fiction is not just for guys. In fact, there seem to be more women reading it these days. It could be because the women are the nurturers and are looking for ways to take care of their family in an emergency situation.

Not all female prepper fiction authors write love stories. A lot of women in the genre focus on the relationships that would most certainly develop no matter the life situation. They get flack for that. Not all women write that way, but there is room in the genre for both.

Prepper fiction usually has some good information for experienced preppers. Even the most seasoned preppers will tell you that they picked up a tip or two from a well written, well researched novel.

Prepper fiction usually has great information for beginner preppers. If you think you need to start doing something to prepare yourself and your family for a SHTF (Shit Hit The Fan) scenario, prepper fiction is a great place to start. Most of the authors put a lot of thought into their “What if” scenarios.

Prepper fiction should make you think. If you read a good prepper fiction novel, and it doesn’t make you think of at least one thing you hadn’t thought of before, you’re either a perfect prepper of you aren’t paying attention – and nobody’s perfect.

Prepper fiction is not for everyone. While some genres can and do pull in a wide variety of readers, prepper fiction is very specific to a certain portion of the populace. Not everybody believes that something could happen to turn their world upside down overnight.

Prepper fiction can turn you into a prepper. Many people who read a good prepper fiction novel can see the possibility of something, anything, happening to change the world we live in. More than one person has started down the prepper path after reading about it.

Author bio

P.A. Glaspy is a wife, mother, and grandmother who lives in Tennessee, very close to the Tennessee River. She loves to read, cook, sew, crochet, and is addicted to puzzle games. Some of her favorite things to do are to go camping and fishing with her husband. She never thought about writing a novel until she had the idea for When the Power is Gone. An avid reader of the genre, she felt a need for a storyline written from a “regular woman’s” perspective.

The latest book from her Powerless World series When the Pain is Gone, is due for release Friday 3rd November. You can pre-order here: