“Entities” and the “Deceased” are not the same.

When we talk about possession, we are talking about Entities, or what most people call demons. Entities are different than those who have passed from this world – entities have never lived in human form. Entities are the beings who possess, the deceased cannot. Though the deceased can cause disturbances, it is ultimately demonic possession that I deal with in my line of work.

Rachel Stavis by Michelle X Star

Rachel Stavis by Michelle X Star

There are many kinds of entities.

There are all kinds of entities, and there are hierarchies of how harmless, or harmful, they are. It’s not like in the movies, where it’s “the devil” that’s causing the possession. In reality, there is everything from the smaller, more common entities – which I call “Clives” – to much more intelligent and malevolent beings (whichI call “Realm Walkers”) that are significantly less common.

Possession isn’t rare.

Most people believe that possession is exceedingly rare, because they are going by what they believe attachment is. The truth is that most of the population is either carrying an entity, or has at one point in their lives. But most people are also carrying the least harmful of the entities, which essentially act as amplifiers – so if you are feeling sad, the entity will cause you to feel depressed; if you are angry, you will become rageful, etc. Often, as an individual’s energy improves, he or she is able to release these same attachments without ever knowing they had them.

Attachment doesn’t happen by accident.

We are all energy. Every thought, every word, and every action sends an energy signature through our bodies and out into the world. This is our baseline frequency, the energy we carry each day. When we experience trauma, that baseline frequency takes a hit, and it lowers. This is what Entity is looking for – someone whose energy is low enough, and a matching energetic signature, for it to feed off of. This is how possession actually happens.

Exorcisms are not usually as dramatic as they seem.

Since there are so many different kinds of Entities, most people do not experience a very dramatic exorcism – the “movie-style” exorcisms only happen with the most malevolent of Entities, and again, they are very rare. Most exorcisms are fairly peaceful, depending on the Entity, and the amount of trauma someone carries. Though I do have people who convulse, vomit, cry, and more, there are some who simply breathe through it, feel the energy deeply, and even have a positive experience as the process happens.

Pain and trauma must also be removed.

Since possession happens through the energetic frequency of a person, it is not enough to remove the Entity – the lower vibrations that caused the attachment must be removed too, or the person may leave and continue to attract other Entities.

Exorcisms are difficult.

Performing an exorcism is dangerous and can be incredibly draining. My energy is completely expended during this process, and I have worked hard to make sure I protect myself and my process. This is why I would never recommend someone “trying it at home”.

An exorcism should only be performed in a sacred space.

Because you are dealing with volatile energies and Entities, it’s incredibly important to have a space that is safe for exorcism. I have a Spirit Room entirely dedicated to just that, with objects and items set up in specific ways, to promote the expelling of the Entities and the release of the trauma bound in the body and spirit.

It takes several more days for the body and spirit to heal.

After the initial exorcism, the body and spirit must rest and adjust to what has happened. Just like after surgery when we must allow time for our bodies to heal, so too is there an energetic healing that must happen. During this time, trapped emotions, old pains, and anything else that was layered in the body is released, and after that, a new baseline frequency begins.

Some people will choose to remain in darkness.

A tough one always for me, but a truth we must all accept: we cannot help everyone. Sometimes people will come to me and say they are ready to not only let go of the Entities they carry, but to make their lives better, raise their frequencies, and rise. But not everyone will ultimately choose that for themselves, even if they intend to. Because keeping a high frequency takes work, and moving back toward old patterns – even self-sabotaging old patterns – is familiar and easy. I always do my best, I always remove the darkness, but in the end, not everyone is ready for the light.