A real Christmas tree Being a child of the 70s (totally giving away my age), I have memories - nightmares- of the silver artificial Christmas tree that my father was keen on. When I got to a certain age I put my foot down and insisted on a real tree. I remember my father’s objection was our pets - both cats and dogs at the time. But I won. Ever since the first thing that means Christmas to me is the real tree. My son and I go to a local family who sell sustainable Christmas trees and I let him choose. It is an important part of our Christmas and so far my cat hasn’t tried to climb it once.

A Friend Called Alfie

A Friend Called Alfie

Advent Calendars I am such a kid at Christmas. One of the reasons I insist on the tree going up on 1st December without fail, is because it coincides with the opening of the advent calendars. We each have one; my son, me (last year mine held wine) and our lovely cat, Lady Alfie.

Gift wrapping I actually love gift wrapping, and it always takes me ages. It’s a big part of Christmas to me. I put the Christmas music on, pour a glass of wine and get wrapping. I use recyclable paper, and decorate with twine, candy canes, chocolate coins, baubles etc. This year I am planning on doing something with Holly or mistletoe! I am going to include Christmas crackers in here - this year we’re being told not to buy them because of the plastic inside which ends up in land fills, however I always buy cracker kits and put my own gift in. It’s always something that can be kept and used. Even the cat has one with her favourite treat inside. Mine usually contains jewellery…

Santa Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without visits to Santa. My son still loves Santa, and we have magical experiences such as the santa train, or having afternoon tea with him. I always make sure I tell him I’ve been good this year and ask for something sparkly under the tree. It doesn’t always work…

Pantomime Who doesn’t love a good Panto? I have been taking my son since he was very young to the local panto, more for me than him admittedly. This year we are going to Bristol to see Dick Whittington. Very excited as he has a very amazing cat!

Carol services Christmas is not Christmas without a carol service. I love Christmas carols and remember when I was younger actually going carol singing door to door. I wish someone would come to our door. But instead we go to a church service, and sing our hearts out.

Christmas Dinner As you’ve probably gathered I am a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas. So dinner is no exception. It’s my cat’s favourite part of the day too. I’m not a great one for cooking, but I love to make Christmas lunch for my family. I am also pretty keen on sprouts. I try to make my own stuffing, cranberry and bread sauce. It’s the one day of the year when I think I might be Martha Stewart!