Having a balanced body and mind requires a lifestyle change for most people. Here are 4 ways to help you achieve balance within your life.

Raymond Floodgate

Raymond Floodgate

Breathe Correctly

Breathing correctly is the most important thing we can do to bring balance to our life and also solve the many other problems we have due to incorrect breathing.

Oxygen is the fuel for our internal organs, including the brain, and when they are deprived of it over a long period of time, this deprivation will bring illness to the body. Most people breathe too shallowly and this method of breathing creates a lack of oxygen throughout the body. Thus, stress is created.

To alleviate this mental stress, inhale through the nose for four seconds then exhale out of the mouth for eight seconds. Do this 3-4 times to oxygenate your brain, allowing your mind and body to slow down. Your stress will then drift away.

Exercise Frequently

Exercise is important to keep the body healthy and balanced. To keep your body limber and well-oiled, I recommend Tai Chi and Qigong.

These practices will strengthen the body internally as well as keep you fit and flexible.

Eat Well

To keep your body healthy, eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fruit, seeds and nuts. Stay away from processed foods as they contain very little nourishment or chi to keep your body healthy. Processed food is dead food.

Drinking water is always the best way to hydrate the body, keep your skin clear and your cells free of toxins. Tea, coffee, alcohol, cola and other chemical-based soft drinks won’t keep your body as healthy hydrated or balanced as plain water will.

Juicing is an excellent way of losing weight and staying healthy. Having a vegetable and fruit juice instead of a cooked meal will give your body all the goodness it needs and will improve the balance of the gut flora (good bacteria).

Tune Out

Meditation is exercise for the mind, and when practiced regularly, will bring focus to your thoughts. Meditation will also help relieve stress and bring peace to your mind and body.

When the mind is focused and can think clearly, you will have more control over your emotions. An unfocused mind can cause your emotions to stray and run wild, wrecking your sense of stability and wellbeing.

Putting it all together

It is now time to take on the responsibility for our own health, the health system we have is clearly not working there are more sick people worldwide than ever.

It is better to prevent illness rather than cure it, so practice these key elements and with the changes that you make to your lifestyle, you can live a life that is healthier stress free and more balanced.

Raymond Floodgate is a certified Reiki master and teacher, a qualified practitioner of energy healing, an energy healing teacher and author of “Life 2 the Full.” He was a practitioner and instructor of Shotokan karate for 12 years but now focuses on preventing illness.