You’ve worked extremely hard to hire the people needed to fuel your business. Now you can relax. Not exactly! What’s the point of hiring great people if you can’t get people to stick around?

Roberta Matuson

Roberta Matuson

Here are eight great ways to get employees to remain in your employ, in no particular order:

Get rid of non-performers. “A” players want to work with other “A” players. They’ll tire out quickly and will depart, if forced to work with people who should have been sent back to the minor leagues, a long time ago. Manage non-performers out of the organization. Do it today.

Treat employees respectfully. Some leaders treat their pets with more respect than their people. Treat team members the way you’d like to be treated and they’ll gladly stick around.

Pay fair wages. People say money doesn’t matter. These people have money. For the rest of us, money matters. Pay people fair wages, based on the value they contribute to the organization.

Develop team members. I don’t know anyone who wants to be doing the same job ten years from now. Do you? Provide opportunities for your employees to build skills, so they’re able to take on more challenging work and move into new roles.

Transform your managers into magnetic leaders. People don’t work for companies. They work for leaders and poor leadership is one of the top reasons people are fleeing their organizations. Provide your leadership team with coaching and leadership development to ensure they can achieve and sustain talent magnetism.

Provide employee feedback. Employees want and need feedback. However, too many managers are afraid to give feedback for fear their employees will no longer love them. Help your leaders understand the importance of providing constructive feedback to team members. Teach supervisors and managers how to write and deliver performance reviews that will inspire people to continue improving their performance.

Be transparent. I’ve seen a number of leaders attract employees to their work groups with promises they simply cannot keep or job descriptions that in no way resemble the task at hand. It’s no wonder these employees pick up and leave the moment they realize they’ve been had. When hiring, be honest. If someone turns down your offer because you could not meet their needs, then be grateful they did, as that’s one less employee who will soon be departing.

Provide career opportunities. People today, especially younger workers, place are looking to advance their careers. Provide employees with access to mentors or coaches who can help ready them for the next position they would be most suited for. Whenever possible, look to promote from within.

Employee stickiness will become even more important as the economy continues to hum. Pick two or three of these factors to focus on and no doubt people will be by your side for years to come.

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