Ahead of the publication of her debut book Keep You Safe in September, we got author Rona Halsall to tell us 10 things she'd like all of her readers to know about her! Read on to find out what she had to reveal...

Keep You Safe is out now!

Keep You Safe is out now!

1. I live on the Isle of Man, which is a glorious place to be. The scenery is amazing, the people are so warm and friendly and there’s a real tight knit community. It’s also a place full of talented artists, musicians and writers.

2. I’m an outdoors kind of a girl and enjoy nothing more than stomping up a mountain, or walking in the forest, or on a beach. I lived in Snowdonia for over twenty years and spent a lot of time rock climbing. Now I love to walk in the forests and glens on the Island.

3. The best job I ever had was working at an animal rescue centre. We had 33 horses, two llamas, a couple of miniature donkeys, dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits and guinea pigs. It was so lovely to get to know all the animals, especially the cats as we had some real characters. I also got our dog Freddie from there as a foster dog, but he stayed with us and is an absolute sweetheart. I also gained a couple of guinea pigs!

4. I met my husband on a yoga holiday in Turkey. So there you go, holiday romances can last!

5. I love a good storm. Unfortunately we don’t really get thunder storms on the Isle of Man, but we get some great storms in the winter when the seas rage and I love to go and watch the weather. Not so great if you happen to be on the ferry…

6. Although I write and read a lot of psychological thrillers, one of my favourite genres to read is dystopian future. I really admire the skill of the authors in creating these imaginary worlds and questioning how society would respond in certain situations. My current favourites are Station Eleven, The Fifth Wave and The Dog Star.

7. I find the most productive way to plot a book is to take our two dogs and go for a long walk with my husband and try and tell him the story as we walk. By the time we’ve got home, we’ve usually sorted out the plot!

8. I am a big rugby fan and will always cheer on Wales. I love the physicality and passion of the game – like watching gladiators.

9. I love to knit and am part of a local knitting group, where I am known as the neat knitter! My present projects are twiddlemuffs for people with dementia.

10. I really enjoy doing research and now I am writing psychological thrillers, I have learned so much about how to kill people; I just hope nobody looks at my browser history!

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