Ropes and Dreams

Ropes and Dreams

Ropes and Dreams is the second book in the Mossy Glenn Ranch series. The series is linked to another series, Love in Xxchange. In book nine of the Xxchange series, we meet Carlos, Will and Troy, who all meet each other and find out just how much love there is to be had. Their story carries over into the first Mossy Glenn book, Chaps and Hope.


One of the secondary character in that book is Drake, who gets his own story in Ropes and Dreams. Drake has had a string of bad boyfriends, with the last one leaving him so emotionally scarred— and scared— that he swears off men forever. He believes love is elusive, mythical when it comes to him, at least and no man is worth the risk. 


Ian McCain is determined to change Drake's mind. Their love story and the difficulties they face are detailed in Ropes and Dreams. Not only do they have to work past Drake's fears, they have to survive the attacks of an unstable person bent on causing pain. 


You spend your evenings and early mornings writing so why is this the best time to create stories for you?


Because those are the quietest times. There are seven people living in our house, four generations of family. Finding time to write undisturbed is difficult and sometimes very frustrating. Rather than fight over being available to family versus working, I sleep less and write when everyone else is asleep or otherwise occupied.


This is book two in the Mossy Glenn Ranch series, so what can you tell us about the first?


The first book expands on the relationship between Carlos, Troy, and Will. Carlos has always been a cowboy, and his lovers have quite an adjustment to make when they move to Montana to help get the Mossy Glenn up and running again. They decide on making the place an LGBTQ-friendly ranch, with Carlos knowing how hard it is to be a cowboy in the area. 


Things don't run smoothly. Someone keeps graffiti-ing up the barns, and there's the run in with a man who is an abusive bully. Troy and the guys learn that trust can be broken by friends, and they can always depend on one another for love and support.    

Why did you decide to give Drake the job of a cook?


That's the way Drake developed in my mind. His character was written out in my notebook during the writing of Chaps and Hope. He was just a very strongly realised guy, and he needed to closeness of friends, the comfort of being there in the house with his three bosses. He needed to see that love could and did flourish, even if it wasn't a conventional type of relationship. 


Being the ranch cook made this possible. It also gave Drake a creative outlet, and made him more important to Carlos, Will and Troy, made them more invested in his care and health, in his happiness.

Can you tell us about your favourite character you’ve ever written if you have one?


Ah, no, because they're all my favourite when I'm writing them. I will say some seem to have struck a deeper cord with readers. Gabe, from Rescued, Joshie from What Matters Most, James and Glenn from In My Arms Tonight, Will from Where There's a Will and the Mossy Glenn series. Then there's Aidan from Relentless, and Zane... See, I can't choose, and the readers all have their favourites :-)


Why do you think that erotic fiction lends itself to a series of stories?


I don't think it's just erotic fiction. Like most stories, there are secondary characters, friends, in a book, and people want to know their stories, too. I didn't know that Rory's Last Chance was going to turn into a 9-book series, Love in Xxchange. People get invested in the characters, they enjoy a good plot, happy ending and hot sex scenes. They want to read about the main characters and secondary characters— We've all fallen in love with a book, a story, and wanted to read more. 


Please tell us about your publishing experience with Total E Bound.


Total-E-Bound has been a rock for me in a publishing industry that can be shaky as hell. Epublishers are folding all the time, and there are authors who have had horrific experiences because of that. I am lucky in that Total E Bound published my second book, then all but one of the following thirty-something books. They have worked with me—oh so patiently, let me tell you— through a very difficult year. I'm not certain that anyone else would have done so. 


The cover art is fabulous. I can't say enough about that. Emmy Ellis and Lyn Taylor have made up gorgeous covers. My editor is amazing, and I am so glad she has a great sense of humour. I have a problem with leaving out verbs. No idea how it happens, but I keep telling her it's so the reader can fill in the blanks as they please. So far she's not buying it, but we do have some laughs. The proof readers and line editors are incredible. I am glad and proud to work with all of them.


What is the best tip you can give to an aspiring erotic fiction writer?


Read, write, write, write. Don't give up. Criticism is hard to take, and if someone is harsh in giving it, try not to take it personally. Do find someone to critique with compassion. There's never any call for meanness, and hey, we can all use more kindness, can't we? Don't let reviews, good or bad, go to your ego. Do your research, not just on what you're writing, but on everything else to do with it. Promotions, website building, effective blogging, Facebook networking, and publishers, just to start. I didn't have a clue how much went into writing when I started. I just thought, write a book. There you go. But that's only the beginning. 


Don't be afraid to ask for advice. Most authors in the MM genre are very generous people who will happily help you if they can. 


How did you react when you read back your first sex scene that you had ever written?


I'm not easily flustered or embarrassed, not by sex at least. I was fine. My husband was trying to help me figure out edits and he drank several beers while turning very red. That was a lot of fun! 

What is next for you?


I've got four more books to get written this year, then starts next year's schedule. Twelve more books. I love writing, and I love interacting with readers. I've met the most amazing people online. My beta readers, my friends, my readers and idols.  I'll keep writing :-)


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