A Precious Gift

A Precious Gift

Now that my new paperback “A Precious Gift’ is on the shelf it made me stop and think of some of the precious gifts I have received. Of course, all gifts are precious if they are given with love but funnily enough as a Mum not all of them have a great monetary value. I think my first was a gold chain bracelet that my own Mum gave to me that had belonged to my Nan, who sadly died when I was just a toddler. I am the third generation to own it now and one day I shall pass it on to my Daughter. The second precious gift was the carboard daffodil that my daughter made and painted for me for Mother’s Day when she first started school. It is wrapped safely in paper in a box in the loft along with many other treasures from my other children and I wouldn’t part with them for the world. We’re a sentimental lot we Mum’s, aren’t we? Those treasures have been moved from house to house over the years much to my husband’s annoyance but I will never part with them.

Another of the most precious gifts I have received was from my husband a little over three years ago. We are huge animal lovers and had sadly recently lost Tallulah, one our beloved Shihtzu’s to age related health problems. We were all heartbroken because as any of you animal lovers will know, when you lose a pet it’s like losing one of the family. Shortly after she died my son disappeared one Sunday morning for a few hours and when he came back with a huge grin on his face, he unzipped his jacket and out popped the most adorable little Chihuahua puppy. My husband had given him the money to go and buy him for me and although he could never take the place of Tallulah it was love at first sight and went a long way to easing the heartache. We called him Mowgli and soon after decided he needed a mate which meant another little one called Beau. And then there were five! We now have three Shihtzus, two Chihuahuas and last year the latest of our tribe joined the family, a beautiful little white Chinaranian, so now there are six!

In between looking after them we have a very busy family life and I of course have my writing, which to me is another gift because I enjoy doing it so much. I have absolutely loved writing the Days of the Week series and creating all the characters, and I am now looking forward to seeing the final one, Time To Say Goodbye, released in March. It’s always sad when a series comes to an end and the author has to say goodbye to the families she has created, but we never stay sad for long and already I am busily working on the next one which I hope everyone will enjoy.

A Precious Gift by Rosie Goodwin. Published by Zaffre, Paperback, ebook and audio £7.99. 

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