My love of writing began when I was a child but I didn’t pursue a career in writing until my children were grown. Instead, I was always writing short stories for my children and foster children as a hobby and they were weaned on them!

An Orphan's Journey

An Orphan's Journey

Eventually my husband sent off one of my short stories to a well-known magazine and when it was published, he suggested I should attempt my first novel.

At the time I had my own children at home along with four foster children and numerous pets and I was also working as a placement support worker for social services, so it was a busy time in my life.

Eventually I found refuge in our touring caravan in the back garden when the children were in bed each evening and that is where I wrote my first two and a half novels.

I couldn’t type at the time so the first attempts were actually written long hand in A4 pads.

I then bought a ‘typing for beginners disc’ and my first computer and soon I was able to write my books online which made a terrific difference.

Whilst I was trying to become a published author, I had my fair share of rejections as is usual in the literary world but once I had the writing bug, I found it hard to stop so I joined The Romantic Novelist’s Association.

The RNA operates a New Writer’s Scheme and each year you submit a manuscript that will then be read by a professional in the genre you are writing. They then give you a written critique about what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong and I read their comments avidly. Each year in the scheme a few authors are chosen for what they term a second read, which means that the professional who read it thinks it is worthy of publication. I was fortunate to have not one but two manuscripts considered worthy and soon after I acquired my first agent and shortly after my first contract.

The Bad Apple, my first novel was published in June 2004 and I’m delighted to say I still love what I am doing as much as I did back then and consider myself to be very fortunate to be able to earn a living doing something I enjoy.

Shortly after my published career began, I was honoured to be the first person in the world to be chosen to follow three of Catherine Cookson’s trilogies.

I am now writing my 40th novel and this year I discovered that thanks to my lovely readers I am the 21st most borrowed library adult author in the UK! Not bad for someone who started out writing her books long hand.

I am currently writing the Precious Stones Series for my wonderful publishers Bonnier Zaffre. The second of the series, An Orphan’s Journey, will be released in February and I do hope you’ll all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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