I’m very lucky to live by the sea and love looking at it or walking by it. It’s amazing in all its moods and I check what it’s doing every morning when I open my bedroom curtains, whether it’s calm or roaring with white horse tipped waves. I miss it when I go inland and it’s always a joy to see it when I come home.

Rosie Hendry

Rosie Hendry

I lived in California for a while and loved going to the nearby bagel shop for freshly baked bagels to eat with cream cheese and grapes. Seeing the local wildlife was brilliant especially the skunks, raccoons, elephant seals and the adorable sea otters floating in the kelp beds.

During my science career I studied several different types of insects including grasshoppers, aphids and fruit flies. They live fascinating live when you get to know them!

Like many people, seeing the Northern lights is on my bucket list. Several times in the past few years they’ve been visible here in Norfolk, and out of my bedroom window if only I’d known they were happening, but I missed them. Now I’m signed up to Lancaster University’s aurora watch email to get warnings in advance and hope they coincide with clear skies which sadly they haven’t yet but I live in hope.

I don’t like cooking. I bake good cakes but the every day stuff I lack inspiration and skill, but luckily my husband is a good cook.

I love natural history and have as far back as I can remember, as a young child I spent hours looking at animals, poking at spiders webs and watching life going on around my home.

I grew up in the countryside on a small holding and loved all the animals. When I was small I used to watch for the cows to sit down and go and sit on their backs – they were very tame cows!

I only wear hand knitted socks which I make myself. They are warm, comfy and colourful. I’ve made so many pairs that I know the pattern off by heart and knit them without looking at the needles while I watch TV.

I love dancing like no body’s watching and enjoy a good bop around the kitchen to songs like R.E.M.’s Shiny Happy People or Caro Emerald’s Dr Wanna Do. My dancing is a very long way from Strictly’s standards and my teenage children do a lot of eye rolling if they witness it.

I’m a plotter and have my books worked out scene by scene before I start writing. With several character viewpoints I need to make sure everyone’s story is woven into the book and would find that impossible without a plan. That doesn’t mean that I stick rigidly to it but helps to know where I’m going. After the first ten or so scenes I’ll start to jump around and write the scene I feel like doing that day and gradually fill in the gaps like doing a jigsaw.